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Crusoe organic silver rum

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2 Crusoe Silver ratings

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Nice light bodied rum, slight citrus and oak flavor. Nothing really jumps out at you, but the story makes it better. If you want to go organic, this is supposed to be the stuff. It made me feel
better about myself and the earth with every sip.

White rum, 40%, good amount of low wines resulting in a rum high in esters and residual cogeners. Smooth but with some initial heat, does not evaporate quickly and leaves a pleasant, taste not unlike a Caraca rum.

Bottle: Modern.
Color: Clear.
Bottle Smell: Cane, earthy, alcohol.
Glass: Ethanol burns off leaving you with a good earthy scent of cane spirit.
Taste: Not hot due to a good level of oils letting you enjoy the flavor of an earthy rum that tastes of unfiltered, unprocessed evaporated cane juice.

This rum was a complete surprise as it easily passes for a Cachaca rum and I truly enjoyed it.