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49 Bacardi Razz ratings

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I don´t know how this liquid mess even found it´s way to the stores. There is no rum flavor and the raspberry flavour is certainly not from real fruit juices. You might as well use this as aftershave to sport your feminine side.

Well this is your solution. The perfect mixing rum for girls. They wont feel a thing :-P On a serious note these flavoured rums of Bacardi are actually not that bad. Weaker ofcourse but then not showing a sign of alcohol in the taste. Even in quite generous mixes...

Hvorfor? ............................................

I dont like the flavored ones... Only in a good longdrink perhaps...

Lovely cocktail u, but the book stops there sadly, harsh on ice and a waste if straight up . Does mix with mango very well as can taste it on top of the mango

Förstår inte idag hur man kunde blanda drinkar på det här och tycka att det var gott???

Its okay for coctails and my women likes it a little.

This is not Rum, they can call it better limonade for older kids

God rom til at blande i Sprite og andet sodavand. samt drinks

White rum, pretty good to drinks and other cocktails, depending on the bottle the flavour may sometimes be too "chemical", but overall great base for cocktails

very good and smooth comfort drink both me and my wife enjoy together

So sweat you cant call it alcohol. It is lemonade with alcohol

Ok with sprite or 7 up. Impossible to drink that without it being part of a cocktail...

Kan niet aan de twist wennen, vrouw vind het lekker in de cola. Aan mij dit niet besteed

Es un buen ron para hacer juegos y tomar un poco de este ron derecho

Good in a Havana Iced Tea from Cuba Libre. Probably good mixing in other drinks.

Like most other Bacardi rums only for mixing with coke.

En Rom der kun passer til at komme sodavand i og med masser af isterning

All the rage of girls back in high school. Hard to walk into a party without a bottle sitting on a counter, alongside a six pack of smirnoff ice of course.

I had this side by side with the Bacardi Black Razz, and they were both very similar. But I prefer this.

Both are a bit on the bitter side, but the Black Razz added something called 'black sapote' which gave it even more bitterness. Neither are really that good, however. As far as Bacardi flavored rums go, I like their coconut, but not much else.

Looking for a rum I could drink on the rocks, and Bacardi was what the bar had available. I know better than to drink white or amber Bacardi on the rocks, so I tried the Razz. Not any better and barely drinkable.

Har fået denne et par gange mixed med Sprite.
Slet ikke noget for mig, alt for sød og kunstig smag

Denne rom er som alle andre fra Bacardi kun til drinks

Habe diesen rum immer mit sprite getrunken. Ist aber nicht mehr mein Fall. Ist mir zur süß.

Bacardi razz rum