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Bacardi limon rum

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Simple: pass on this a decent white rum and squeeze some real citrus into it. Much better than Bacardi Limon.

[NOTE: I am bummed out to finish the evening with something as crappy as this.]

Tastes like cat anus mixed with some vomit all topped with artificial lemon so that pussies who can't drink normal liquor enjoy the citrus.

Terrible, even when mixed with coke. chemical taste

There is no reason on earth to drink this. You will be a MUCH happier person by using better rum and freshly-squeezed lemon juice, plus whatever else you want to add. This stuff is anti-rum.

Bad... Very bad. For mixing only, and even there its semi-bad. Can sometimes work in the right enviroment (Summer) with cola and lots of ice!
But not for anything else, call it summer-rum studies-rum youth-rum whatever you want.. Just dont call it RUM :-)

Den har vi vidst alle drukket i vores unge dage...

This is another example of my palette hating Bacardi tastes like lemon water which is a foul and disgusting flavour and shouldn’t even be considered a rum due to the sweetness.

Voor de mix een smaakmaker, cola citroen dan is het goed te doen

this is so horrible. crap rum with artificial flavor. run run run . ok as a window cleaner.

been there done that. og aldrig mere, men dengang var den sgu ok i cola

Este Ron no sirve ni siquiera para hacer cocktail. Es una perdida de dinero total. Do not buy it

Another great flavored rum from Bacardi.
This rum goes very well with cola or citrus juice.

This must be the worst Rum I have ever had........

To be used as a mixer/ingredient in a fruity drink. Not to be consumed straight.

This is only for mixing. And even then it is not very good. Bad actually!

Limon had a wicked bite to it that didn't sit well with me. Avoid this like the plague in Europe during the middle ages.

I wouldn't drink on the rocks but if you are looking for a light tasting mixer or something cheap to take shots of it works.

Denne Rom er super god til at blande med sodavand lige efter ens egen smag

I guess we can thank the Bacardi marketing team for placing this in as many bars as they have. I don't prefer it, but find it acceptable when it is the only choice, but it is not the best. Lemon notes and a strong alcohol burn. OK on the rocks, unnoticeable in a mixed drink.

I think it is just as bad as the rest of the Bacardi products but isn't horrible for a pitcher of mojitos.

I think its good in mojito. For mix drinks only. .

nu e bun dee baut decat in combinatii. se simte o aroma artificiala de lamaie. nu recomand, dati banii degeaba.

mild and soft drinks - the lemon are good for taste

For real, this is just for mixing.. You can not and should not drink this on its own unless you live in a van down by the river

Bacardi limon rum