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This isn't rum! It's only 40 proof, it tastes like hair soap. and it's too sweet for human consumption. You're MUCH better off using real rum and adding a bit of Coco Lopez. This stuff will make your nails fall off.


My go-to whenever coconut flavored rum is called for. This is not a rum to drink straight out of the bottle, too sweet for that. However, if you need a good coconut flavor that will not kill the other booze in the drink then Parrot Bay Coconut is a excellent choice.

There is a place for this one on my mixing shelf.

This is actually pretty good for a flavored rum. A bit too sweet, but smooth and has a pretty good coconut flavor. Mixes very well. Better than Malibu to me for sure.

i like this better than malibu mixes well great tropical taste

Ein typischer Rum den ich zum kochen brauche,
als alternative zum Malibu

A typical rum I need for cooking,
As an alternative to Malibu

This is what you drink in college, or if you need a coconut rum amongst other liqueurs in your drink. The knowledgeable drinker understands this for what it is.

This and Bacardi are my favorite coconut rums for mixing, if I had to choose one I would go with Bacardi but just barely. I use it and Pineapple to make a tropical mojito that is delicious. Not suitable for drinking straight but this stuff was never made for that.

This is my go to for coconut rum. I don't really drink a lot of flavored rums but this is one of the better ones. It's got a good coconut taste to it but never drink it strait, Get some limonaid and put some of this in it, tastes like sumer.

Bought this while travelling States with my friends, because it was cheap and sweet. Let's never do that again.

I like this rum because it has a sweet coconut flavor, with nothing more to it. I prefer it over the Captain Morgan Coconut because it doesn't have the citrus (pineapple?) flavor added to it.

Still, a bit weak at only 21%abv, and a bit lacking in flavor as well. A nice average coconut rum.

Only use if Malibu is not available. Basicaly an ingredient for a fruity drink if you must.

Coconut Parrot Bay is used in conjunction with another rum to make my house pina coladas. This way I add additional coconut flavor along with the rum. For those who don't care for the flavor of rum, I use this alone. Also for the lightweights its low in ABV. It's much better than Bacardi, but this isn't a sipping rum. Aficionados of rum are not going to pleased with this offering. This is marketed to the college kids and the party goers. Use it for what it's meant for and its an average drink.

Great crowd pleaser. This is a nice twist on a classic rum and cola. There is a 100 proof too, but I have not seen it in a few years.

Good for tropical drinks. Try and go for Malibu if you have the choice, if not for authenticity than anything else.

This is undrinkable.... Too sweet and horrible in all drinks.

Perfect for mixing.

This was clearly made for college girls, so thanks... I guess

Parrot Bay is the favorite coconut rum for mixing around our place. Affordable and pleasant to drink even on the rocks. Available everywhere and outshines every other shelf rum in the same category.

If you're expecting a rum that's 40 proof and comes in a plastic container to be good, you're a moron. This is really for amateur drinkers or as a "in a bind" mixer for frozen drinks. It won't kill you, but it won't make you feel that good either.

This is more of a rum flavor additive than a rum. At only 21% ABV (41 proof) it's quite lower than the 40% ABV (80 proof) of normal rums. This is not something to drink straight from the bottle. The coconut flavor is about all you can taste but it was clearly intended to be a mixer so take it for what it is. Very, very sweet...maybe add another "very" in there...and the word "sickly". And the coconut flavor is intense...too intense to me...artificial. One reviewer put it best when he wrote it was "like sticking your nose in a bag of skittles, but not nearly as pleasant". Even as an additive I wouldn't recommend it.

My rating of 5/10 is not in regards to the quality of this rum. But rather for the uses. For me this is only a great for any drinks where you would want some coconut flavoring alcohol is needed. I've used this mainly in Pina Colada and as an additive to desserts. So because of these two reasons this bottle will end up just sitting on my shelf for many years to come.

A tastier alternative to Malibu. The Captain can do no wrong in my opinion.

Så fik jeg den! - Har ledt længe og fandt den så og endda til en god pris. Glæder mig til at få smagt på den og få den sammenlignet med de andre Coco rum jeg har.

Chicks seem to dig it because they can drink it without a chaser. I think it's ok but I wouldn't buy it