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Legendario elixir de cuba rum

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Maybe too sweet for hardcore rum drinkers, but for me it's perfect as a digestif with a cigar

Yes, it's very sweet. A ladies rum so to speak. But actually it's not a bad rum at all, it's a good sipper, ideal for parties.

I have been considering 6 or 7 but because this was one of the first rums which helped me to enter to the 'rum world', it is solid 7. It is true that the flavor is very sweet, but the sweetness somehow makes sense in this bottle. I can feel a strong taste of honey and raisins inside. I recommend it for ladies, most of them love it!

What a great rum, wonderfull taste, soft and gently. Bijzonder verrassend ook.
Such a big difference with the legendario anejo what i think was a big waste of time.

Moc dobry rum. Dost sladký, chutná i drahé polovicce.

Super Fijn rummetje met zachte maar sterkte smaak....... Beetje stroperig

C'est clair qu'il ne s'agit pas d'un rhum pur mais pour ceux qui aiment le sucré c'est parfait!

Not bad, but nothing to repeate, too cheap, rough rum

The aroma is rich and if you serve it with some high-quality chocolate as they recommend, you'll be surprised by the results. It is worth mentioning that the colour isn't that great and that the smell is "just" good. Okey finish as far as I am concerned but nothing special. Love the taste tho

Easy to sip for entry level rum drinkers. Also pairs nicely with a cigar...

Legendario Elixir De Cuba
Tento rum má medovou vůni s příjemně sladkou chutí. Není na vypití celé láhve naráz, ale pár skleniček je zpříjemněním a naladěním do pohody. Tento rum bude patřit k mým oblíbeným rumům v nižší cenové relaci ke kterému se budu vracet.

Jako aperetiv nebo digestiv poslouží dobře. Navíc cena tohoto elixíru je velmi příznivá. Chutově sladký, hodně sladaký, což zásadně snižuje možnost jiným chutím a vůnim se prosadit. Ale za ochutnání stojí. Navíc ho mají skoro ve všech slušných barech.

Příjemná citrusová vůně. Extrémně sladký, ale plochá chuť.

When you are looking for a great rum to end the evening this one is awesome sweet enough.

Very very sweet, too much for me. I would recommend it to beginners with rum, girls and to those who like very sweet things

Vanilla and caramel flavours. Very rich in finish. Though it's sweet and cannot drink a lot. Nice for a couple of sips


With the first sip, wow indeed! Too sweet for my taste. Even with added water (a lot) and ice it was still too sweet. This is more of a liqueur with rum taste than rum itself. I will never buy this again. As recommended, tried it with a Cuba libre and it was really good. Therefore rated a 5 (instead of a 2).

with his sweetness, this is the best mixing Ron for Cuba Libre. try it!

Le genre d'apéritif que tu bois une seule fois vraiment sucrée presque un dessert ! Mais quand même très bon

Great for mixed drinks and more for the sweet tooth. This is a liqueur rather than an actual rum, and for many, you will find this a little sickly. It makes for a nice treat, and gives a real kick to some cocktails. Though if you aren't scared of the sweetness, add this to some ice for a nice sipper.

When you need to get your girl drunk, this may help you. But i'd be afraid of hangover...

Love the sweetness of this rum. Beloved by ladies.

Io amo questo rum!
Forse un po' poco raffinato, ma mi è piaciuto per la sua dolcezza, gli aromi che lascia in bocca e facilità con cui si beve.
Forse il classico "rum da donna", ma consigliato a tutti gli amanti dei rum dolci

Sladké pitie na kazdý den, vynikajúci rum k jedlu a grilovačke

Legendario elixir de cuba rum