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Legendario elixir de cuba rum

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103 Legendario Elixir de Cuba ratings

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What a great rum, wonderfull taste, soft and gently. Bijzonder verrassend ook.
Such a big difference with the legendario anejo what i think was a big waste of time.

Maybe too sweet for hardcore rum drinkers, but for me it's perfect as a digestif with a cigar

Moc dobry rum. Dost sladký chutná i drahé polovicce.

Super Fijn rummetje met zachte maar sterkte smaak....... Beetje stroperig

My first starting rum, a few years back. I still like it - and I think it is one of the best choices how to introduce someone to the world of rum. Decent, tasty, no sign of alcohol, smells nice. After some time I think it is maybe too sweet - I recommend to keep it in cold and serve colder, it helps a lot.

Reasonable rum with a good flavor however very sweet. Not a typical sipping rum and more of a liqueur than a fine sipping rum.

Tasty, smooth and strong.
Not easy to stop, when you started it.
Extra points to the barman, for keeping it extra chill.

it's a total sweet rum, it was a present to me.
i guess, if is so cold, it cold be nice, but my opion is liquid sweet, maybe in a sweet cocktail, haven't tried that


Nice tasty rum, sweet tase as honey, soft in the mouth. I would define it as dessert rum

Was first introduced to this at a tasting. Bought a bottle and found it unique enough, but never bought another.
Then, on a visit to Cuba last year, was re-introduced to it again, in a new fashion.
A fellow at the bar showed me, combining a little with a mid quality rum makes for a nice combination.
The Legendario alone is on the sweet side, with notes of fig, nutmeg and cinnamon. Lower alcohol % and the higher sugar, puts it in a unique category.
Mixing this with another, pure rum spirit (at the time we were using Havana Club & Santiago de Cuba) makes for a great spiced spirit, well enjoyed with a mild cigar.

Versy nice - specielt straight from the freezer :-)

Elixír s maceratem s hrozinek - levný a sladký rum vhodný pro začátečníky nebo pro vyznavače sladkých alkoholu.

I love it, but have to drink always with ice, its very sweet. If ur girl, u will deffinitely like Lego )))

Na mě opravdu hodně moc sladký rum. Není na žádné dlouhé pití.

sweet, sweet the sweetest, nothing really more to say. ohhh it taste a like raisins

Berrei litri di questo rum.
Leggero, dolce, forse per alcuni troppo dolce. I cubani dicono di allungarlo con un po' d'acqua o di limone. A me piace liscio, ad ogni momento della giornata.
Ogni sorso mi ricorda quella stupenda isola caraibica dove acquistai circa 10 bottiglie da portare a casa. Quando vedo una bottiglia mi si illuminano gli occhi. Sapore intenso.

- Sladká lahodná chut
- Slabší %
- Jemná třtinová chuť

Depending on the mood, but sometimes I like it. It is very swet, with rum backgroung and grapes taste on the foreground.

It's very sweet liquer, I can't consider it as real rum. Good for ladies ;-)

Another one from Cuba (just like Mulata). I don't quite like this one (just like Mulata). We started with Legendario in a bar the other day and that would be it.. a "starter", nothing more. The only pro is that it is cheap.

Great if you've got a sweet tooth, smooth and even though it's not strong it certainly takes effect after a few drinks. I tend to drink with a fruit juice mixer such as apple&mango or pineapple.

Me gusta mucho este ron dulce y añejo, yo lo prefiero tomar convidado con Coca-Cola.


Lower alcohol content and an easy sipping "rum". Pleasantly smooth and a good after dinner drink.. Never tried it in a mixed drink because i feel it would get lost in cola or ginger ale.

Das zeug ist mehr ein Likör als ein Rum. Viel zu süß. Nur für Frauen lecker