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Arcane extraroma rum

Arcane Extraroma is a 12-year old solera rum from Mauritius made from pure cane sugar and aged in French oak barrels.

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absolutely out of our rum planet! Ok, aromas are obvious, but I would say they hit you and bring you down to an easy home made drink or open your mind to the craziest bartending or gastronomy experience!

When I first tried it, it was a bit of a WTF moment. Really not like most rums and I wasn't sure whether I actually liked it. I certainly didn't dislike it, but now the more I drink it, the more I love it, and this really is up there with my favourites. The notes of cane shine through, and I agree with the tasting note on the back about coco, vanilla and tropical scents. However I would add banana to that. I give it to (discerning friends) and some just sit there sniffing it. Definitely different, and so much the better for it.

Notes de coco, banane, tonalités vanillées et une note finale boisée et épicée.
Je le sers plutôt en apéritif et son nez de banana Haribo fait toujours son petit effet :)

Chouette rhum bien parfumé ! Les puristes du rhum agricole doivent s'abstenir car on vite penser que l'on a un peu forcé sur les arômes ... Mais bon, cela reste très agréable 😊

Too much vanilla tones on the palate for me, not as great as what it was raved up to be. This is only after my first taste neat but a good rum does not need to grow on you it should be instant love for it. I will use it as a mixer rum and for the money we pay for a bottle in Aus $100 I would drink the Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva over this any day. It probably didnt help that I had high expectations for this but it didnt live up to more than a 7 for me.

Smell is not so great, banana, pastry cream... but the taste is unexpected. Advised!

Un Rhum sucré et fruité.Au nez effectivement on retrouve comme cela a été déjà dit la célèbre banane Haribo. On y retrouve également des notes de miel tirant même je trouve sur la cire d'abeille. En début de bouche on retrouve la banane, en milieu de bouche le miel se fait plus présent et accompagné de légères touches épicées.

Well that was completlely unexpected experience. It's not a typical rum, it hold a lot of great aroma and flovour. Im not so much into floavoured drinks but this completely blew my mind. You should taste Arcane for sure.

Ein ganz spezieller Rum mit eigenem Charakter.
Ein solchen Solera hatte ich noch nie im Glas, elegant, weich und doch mit Ecken und Kanten, nicht so "weichgespült" wie manch anderer Solera.
In der Nase schon ziemlich komplex, tropische Früchte, Mandeln, Banane, Zitrusfrüchte, Kräuter, etwas Medizinartiges (im positiven Sinn), Vanille....
Im Gaumen explodieren die Aromen völlig, ein Früchtekorb voll mit tropischen Früchten, Vanillepudding mit Banane (nicht so extrem Banane wie der Bumbu Rum), Marzipan, ich kann gar nicht alle aufzählen.
Im Abgang klingt die fruchtige Süsse nach.
Ein Rum für alle die das etwas Andere mögen.
Eine Bereicherung für die Rum-Landschaft. Nicht unbedingt für Einsteiger.

A very special rum with its own character.
Such a Solera I had never had in the glass, elegant, soft and yet with corners and edges,
not so "soft swept" as many other Solera.
In the nose quite complex, tropical fruits, almonds, banana, citrus fruits, herbs, some medicine-like (in the positive sense), vanilla ....
In the palate, the aromas are totally exploding, a fruit basket filled with tropical fruits, vanilla pudding with banana (not as extreme banana as the Bumbu Rum), marzipan, I can not even enumerate all.
In the finish, the fruity sweetness subsides.
A rum for those who like something different.
An enrichment for the Rum landscape. Not necessarily for beginners.

Tento rum neni uplne muj salek kavy, kazdopadne je hodne zvlastni. Naprosty original. Az se mi nechce verit, ze neni dochucovany. Kafa, mango, cokolada, papaja,njavorovy sirup

Fine taste of honey, delicately sweet with a touch of spices

Over een ervaring gesproken... Er zullen vast liefhebbers zijn, maar ik ben er nog niet uit.
Zeker niet proeven in een degustatie met meerdere rums, tenzij als laatste.
In de neus ervaar je uitgesproken banaan, maar dan komt een kunstmatig geurtje aanzetten.
In de mond proeft deze Mauritaniër licht houterig, overdreven naar banaan met heftige toetsen van vanille. De smaak geeft mij het gevoel dat deze 'pure cane rum' wat hulp van een laboratorium heeft gekregen. (Velen krijgen die hulp, maar hier proef je het!)
Onder het mom 'je moet alles eens proberen' was dit een leuke ervaring, maar 'not my glass of rum'.


this rum is a bit odd, the taste is unlike anything i have envountered before, not flavory and rough on the palate, the alcohool is also very pungent. All things considered i was mostly dissapointed by it.


I have to say that i agree with Charles M.
First moments are not really pleasant. I had been drinking this rum through the month and everytime I opened the bottle i liked the rum more and more. I am going to buy this one again for sure.

One tip:
1) Let it breath... 10 minutes reacting with air is enough to get nice vanilla taste and caramelized banana smell.

This is special. Banana, chocolate and all kinds of fruits this one got it all. But it is a bit too much of everything. It goes down with a bit spice and all kinds of tastes but goes away fast and some sort does not fit. But if you like it special and are open to experience new stuff this one can get you. Made directly out of the cane this is all kind of different.

Opět výrazné ovocné tóny vůně - vážně si myslím, že to je pro Mauricijské rumy typické. Tentokrát trošku těžší vůně, trochu vanilky a něčeho k tomu. Chuť Vás ale překvapí, je relativně ostrá. Celkově to asi není příliš, ale tím, jak to nečekáte, působí silněji. Teprve po odeznění je patrnější ovocná dochuť, která je na patře překvapivě docela dlouhá (10-15 minut) na to, že jde o docela řízný kousek.
Celkově je to zajímavá skladba chutí a vůní, které v první moment vypadají téměř v protikladu, ale nakonec k sobě docela ladí. Ostřejší sice moc nemusím, ale tenhle mě bavil.

Sød rom med smag i den frugtagtige afdeling. Lang, sød og krydret bananagtig eftersmag.

Scent and smell of tropical fruits, differs from the others. Sweet, I mean really sweet, like the honey.

Banane haribo, bonbons et vanille ressortent de ce rhum

Duft: af banan, appelsin, kokos, og tørret frugt. Den er overhovedet ikke sprittet i duften.
Smag: meget sød, og vammel smag af banan. Den er utrolig frugtig men slår hurtigt over i chokolade. Smager faktisk af skumbanan. Den har en fræk og anderledes duft og smag, men er ikke noget for mig. Den virker alt for kunstig

Rhum très parfumé, riche en arôme, très rond et sucré. Un côté bonbon qui peut rebuter.

This one burnt a smile in my face. A heavy but smooth banana taste, well balanced with the alcohol, light tastes of cacao and vanilla. This is a unique ron which you will recognize in every blind tasting. If you like it fruity, sweet and balanced, this one should be your choice.

Anderledes i både smag og duft. Meget sød i duften, lige lidt for meget. Smagen er som forventet efter duften. Alt i alt en positiv overraskelse.

Good colour, smooth taste. Little bit of coconut taste.