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Matusalem gran reserva 23 rum

Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-year rum is the premium version of the Matusalem company's rum, aged an average of 23 years and distilled from molasses using the traditional solera process.

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82 Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 ratings

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Given my "so so" expirence with the 15 year old little brother, I was very positively surprised with this one. The nose is round with toffee, vanilla, orange, fudge and cherry's. The palette is sweet with butterscotch, vanilla, a bit of chocolate, marcipan, orange peel and some nuttiness. Though it's sweet, I don't find it cloying as the lengthy finish is slightly earthy and tingling, upholding the order. (8,5)

Není špatný, ale za tu cenu jsou chuťově lepší rumy.

It is an OK rum but for my taste... My aspects ware high about the quality about this rum!

First of all, the "23" is misleading. Years? I doubt it. For a rum that's supposedly been baking in wood in the tropics for a couple of decades, this rum lacks oakiness. Actually, it's not very complex at all. Nothing offensive, but nothing memorable, either. I can't imagine ever needing to buy another bottle of this, when there are so many really compelling rums out there already.

Plus doux que prévu mais un régal ... Bcp d'épices.


Bon... mais meilleur avec de la glace !


Un regal de douceur et d'épices. Un nez fabuleux. Reste dans le verre plus d'un jour après la dégustation.

Nothing bad in this rum, but it is quite simple and plain.

For something supposedly 23 years old the taste was surprisingly bland. I was kind of disappointed

Can you drink it without coke? Yes. Is it a GOOD rum? No. Not the best I've tasted, not the worst. Would l buy it again? Properly not.

Dufter meget af sprit. Det er ikke en man kan sniffe en hel masse til. Jeg fornemmer dog lidt sødme.

Smager af sprit. Den er en smule olieret og tam i munden. Slet ikke så sød som forventet. kraftig alkohol.

Dette er ikke en rom jeg vil investere i igen.

as i recall my allmost empty bottle, it was a not the huge succes
it think a "23" years old rum, should bee more round, and with a nice buquette, but it failed for me

a the price is in the high end

Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-year rum is the premium version of the Matusalem company's rum, aged an average of 23 years and distilled from molasses using the traditional solera process.

I didn't like this rum very much. Pretty boring taste actually,

Længe siden jeg har smagt denne rom, men husker den som at den mangler noget sødme.

En rigtig god Rom til prisen. Dejlig duft og sødme

This has the potential for doing well as a replacement for Havana Club 7 años in a coke.
It means well and comes along good some of the way, but it is just not balanced at all. Way too sharp on the alcohol to justify the price point where I live. As a sipper, it can be adjusted with preferably a light, but even a dark agave syrup for balance between alcohol and sweetness. At more than 30% higher price than a Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva this rum lacks loads of refinement to justify it's price - but I didn't want to pour it in coke because of the price, so I modified it with syrup to be able to drink it neat. It took around 150 ml. of agave syrup to get it to where I could truly appreciate it. The taste notes are great then. IT should have been condensed more in my honest opinion. 23 years is a waste of time to get to where this rum ends up. I'm very sorry to say so, but it is my brutally honest assesment, though I hate to depreciate the many years of work going into the end product.

As I get farther into the "great" rums, I find myself coming back to this one to use as a base line. Good taste, straight or mixed.

Molto morbido leggermente dolce. Sensori sul caramello ma non lo trovo interessante e il prezzo è esagerato, preferisco il 15.

Riecht nur sehr schwach. Schmeckt anfangs sehr leicht, dann kräftigerer Eindruck. Schokolade, Orange, etwas Schärfe. Hat aber irgendwie trotzdem kein Profil, keinen eigenen Charakter. Den werde ich vergessen, da sind zum Teil wesentlich billigere Rums besser.

Yep, for me, it taste a bit of the 2000 diplomatico. If u like solera rum you will like this one.

Esperaba más de este ron, no es malo sin embargo la relación de precio y sabor no es la mejor.


Tasted this following a meal in a Peruvian restaurant in Belgium, together with the Rum Nation Panama 23yr. and the Millonario XO. Now, besides eating some well seasoned Peruvian dishes, I had also consumed a significant amount of wine before we got to the rum, so I couldn't taste too critically, but I can say the Matusalem ranked last, well behind the Nation Panama and the Millonario. Slighty dissapointing.

I've tasted this together with the el dorado 15 and i liked this ona a little better.
They were almost at the same price so this would be my choise.