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Pirate’s Grog rum is produced in Honduras on the island of Roatan by blending various rums from around the Caribbean that have been aged up to 5 years in American oak casks.

The name ""Pirate's Grog"" heralds to the mixture of 90 proof rum and water known as grog, which was first rationed by Admiral Sir Edward Vernon to his ship's crew in the early 1700's.

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This is a clean clinical rum that ticks all the right boxes. For the price only a few can match it. Has enough flavour n aroma to impress for the age. Reminds me of Atlantico private cask. Nice bottle to.

When you see the word grog, you imagine what the navy used to drink in a sloshed rum flagon... So it's a surprise when you get a rum that's delicious and lovely blend of flavours ... You can tell this is a blended rum but it is serious competition for more expensive rums

For a rum that is only 5 years old this really surprised me with its delicate flavours and complexity. Most importantly, it tastes delicious too!

This rum is light yet full of flavour. Vanilla and raisin notes are apparent and the Jamaican pot still rum provides a warming finish. We love this rum neat as it goes down easier than anything else on the market!

This is a must buy for me personally.
I recently received a bottle for Christmas and it's lovely. Smooth to drink and great on the nose, very very moreish.

I really liked this drop. Served as it is with a few ice cubes. Not to be spoilt by mixing.

Touch of oak vanilla with a little bit of molasses & toffee. Its good but not great and makes an excellent mixer

Pirate's Grog Gold is a gimmick tourist rum. Bottle looks attractive enough to be purchased. Color is semi dark golden. Alcohol smell reveals a rather young rum although the bottle says 37.5% alcohol. Taste is not that bad as the smell test, surprisingly mellow flavor profile and some burn at the end.

Really nice flavours and goes well with Fritz Cola.

Tested on the basis of this assessment. Very good mild taste and aroma, amazing price/performance ratio!

Minty, pleasant aroma of orange peel, smells of raw sugar cane plant and lightly spiced.
Light and dry in flavor with ashy notes. Taste similar to light Cuban rum with couple drops of water in it.
Short finishing, minty after taste, follow with hint of ashy flavor.

I like this rum for its strong taste and nice aroma. Also like oldschool bottle design.

Got this one recommended by a friend. What a surprise that rum for such a ridiculous price can taste so good.


Tento rum bol pre mna velke sklamanie, ked som si ho po vsetkych dobrych hodnoteniach objednal. Nevyzrety a prilis korenisty.

10/10 would drink again! Very nice mild taste with strong aromas!

Tento rum mi docela chutnal. Velice zajímavý a dobrý.

I liked it the first time but it's not as tasty as for example el dorado 12

This is quite cheap rum with very rich taste, from my point of view better than other well-know expensive brands. I really like it, in addition it is only rum exported from Honduras :)

Given the earlier reviews, it got my attention. However, I was disappointed with the flavor and smell of the rum. There are some hints of vanilla, true, but it tastes very thin and like a blend with water. Once, not again

Very smooth for such a young aged rum (5 years), and a lovely rich flavour, very good

Smooth , light and tasty. Let it sit in the glass for 10 minutes so the alcohol vapour dissipates , then the flavours come through. Vanilla , Butterscotch , sugar cane, and has an excellent finish with no burn.Super impressive for a youngish rum. Also great mixer with both ginger beer and cola. Reminds me of "Stolen Golden Rum" from this side of the world. I will treat myself to a bottle of the Pirates Grog No. 13 next.

A great light rum, great for sipping with lots of flavour

This is a rum in the lower price category but you`ll be surprised by It`s content. This is just a delicious, light (38.5 alc.vol.) , tasty one wich comes in a real nice bottle. It`s also a lttle sweet, probably a great after dinner rum. Will buy again for sure!

It is definitely a nice sipping rum. Very smooth and a balanced flavor. Does not leave an alcohol aftertaste, rather it lets you enjoy the flavor of the rum from the first touch of the tongue all the way to the throat.