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Brn sea wynde rum

BRN Sea Wynde rum is produced by blending 5 rums from Jamaica and Guyana. These rums are distilled using copper pot stills and aged in small oak casks.

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Dufter hen af Whisky og brændt gummi

Smager også lidt af Whisky og cognac samt brændt mørkt chokolade.

Eftersmag, let sødme, mørk chokolade og mokka noter.

This rum is not made any more and has become hard to find. The metalic medallion label gives it a very classy tough IMO.

It is a very potent, aromatic blend of pot-stilled rums and is not to everyone's palate. I would give it a higher rating except that I picked up a slight phenolic burnt rubber aftertaste, everything before that is outstanding. Smith & Cross is a similar rum which is much easier to find and I don't get that aftertaste. Also the S&C is substantially less expensive, at less than $30 vs $40 for Sea Wynde if you can find it.

Not to be served to the faint of heart, wallet, pocketbook and/or stomach! This is a strong rum that hits on the sweet but also the peppery heat that hits your throat and chest. Oak, vanilla, coffee, tobacco, baking spice, maple syrup and pepper characterize this rum. Can be enjoyed neat, however, better suited with a splash of water or ice cube to tone down the heat and immense flavors. If being used in cocktails, cut down the rum amount by half, if using Sea Wynde again due to the strength and flavor composition of this Navy strength rum.
I believe this rum was last produced in 2011-12, October, so if you can find a bottle pick it up! Expensive now and Very hard to come by now...

Given I don't care for Pusser's Rum either, it could be that I don't care for British Royal Navy style rums. Couldn't find a way to finish the bottle after trying it. That is not a problem I typically have...

Buuuh! Thats a very strong one, doesn't taste like a rum

Ja, im ersten Eindruck hart, wahrlich , insbesondere im Vergleich zu sonst gängigen weichen Vertretern seiner Art.
Aber!, als Begleiter einer gepflegten Zigarre, mäßig in winzigen Schlücken ist er mir immer wieder lieb. Herb, rau, dunkle Schokolade, Holz und Rosinen . . wie in kalt-feuchter Nacht mit guten Freunden auf einer Klippe an einem Lagérfeuer sitzen, vorn Warm, der Rücken kalt, der Wind bläst einem niselige Seeluft und beißenden Rauch ins Gesicht . . manchmal einfach schön.

In all fairness, this was one of the first craft rums I tried. So while it comes off as abrasive to some, it was a great bridge for me to get into rum as a Scotch and bourbon drinker because it has strong oak notes, but also the unmistakable molasses sweetness of rum. Because it is still aged in part in pot stills near the sea, I feel as though the rum imparts the hard-to-describe, but pleasant taste of the sea and the Caribbean.

I like the idea behind this Rum, but it is a bit too heavy for me. Comparable to the Smith and Cross Navy Strength Rum, which is also not a proper sipper. NOTE: Gave it an upgrade from 7 to 8, the Sea Wynd fits better to the others bottels, which got a "8".

but because I like drinking straight up, I really seem to prefer rum to be bottled at 40% so this at 46% is a wee bit too much hard work for me. Slightly tarry which on occasions I found to be unattractive, but at other times it was appealing. Slightly caught in 2 minds with this one, but as it is no longer made, it is a little immaterial

Its difficult to get your head around it at first but it's a classic pot still flavour and I love it. Small doses, but as soon as the bottle is open, you know about. Similar to Pussers and certainly gave me more of an appreciation for Pussers 15 when I went back to it!

Crazy flavor. Disliked from the start. This was my first attempt at a pot still rum and I disliked everything about it, but others found qualities that they liked. Maybe I just need time for my palate to mature.

This took me a few tastes before I started to apritiate the flavors from a pot stilled rum not run through several times to remove some flavor a produce a more authentic pot still beverage. Now I realyy enjoy this rum.

Really like this one...a sure keeper, just hard to store the bottle

a decent rum that goes down easy. Offers up a slight burn on the back of the tongue at the finish

We found this at Cuba Libre in Philly. I had not seen before. It had a strong finish, but I think further aging would have improved it.