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Brinley gold shipwreck spiced rum

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46 Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced ratings

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I was really surprised by this rum. I occasionally buy something ive never tried before, but shipwreck has made its way into my regular rotation. Great caramel flavor, but not overpowering. I definitely recommend you try it.

This is a fine example of a spiced rum that combines complex flavors such as baking spices, brown sugar, caramel and some citrus notes with a smoothness going down.
No imitation garbage thrown in or caramel color to make it look like your drinking a fine gold rum.

For $20-$25 this is a great rum for a party if your wanting some good flavor and something a little different from your basic popular brands like Bacardi or Captain Morgan.

This rum is incredibly smooth. Has a nice bite going down and makes ya feel warm. I honestly could keep drinking this until it's empty but won't (and neither should any of you ;) ). On the other hand, I think it might be a bit sweeter than I like but it's remedied with a squeeze of lime. Overall, fantastic sipping rum for a decent price (23$ in GA). Can't wait to mix it!
One more thing, it's 36% abv (72 proof) and I wish it could have been a bit higher. Oh well.

This stuff is amazing, it makes me re think what little I thought I new about rum, admittedly I have not had a lot of the really high priced rums but this is far and away the best affordable (less than $50/bottle in my area) I have ever had and it's not even close. It's a sweet rum that balances the sweetness and spice perfectly for my taste and is really smooth. Even if I were to find a more expensive rum that I liked better it would be extremely hard to supplant this given it's price point.

Wife bought this on a whim. Very impressed. Very mellow and smooth.

I bought a bottle of this just based on reviews I have read. Needless to say ive ordered two more bottles and they are on their way as I type. Brinley Gold Shipwreck exceeded my expectations completely. Super Smooth and tastes delicious. Very Reasonably priced as well.

I recommend you give it a try!

This goes down smooth with a wonderful aroma, mixes well

Not as spicy as I would have hoped. The vanilla was strong enough to make me wonder if I had the wrong rum. Fairly robust with good after burn

This inexpensive run holds its own with bottles that are twice as expensive. Smooth on the rocks with an iced vanilla aftertaste this is an easy sipper that will please many.

Looking for the perfect rum to add to your after-dinner coffee? This spiced rum is not that tasty on its own yet it mixes perfectly with strong black coffee. The vanilla and the spices, which are not harmonious when sipped neat, really shine when they meet the bean. Also does well in Painkillers. A good, if not great, spiced rum.


I used to be a real fan of spiced rums but then I became more and more educated. Now I appreciate rum for being just that....RUM, withoit additives. However, Brinley Gold does start with a fine quality base and the spices and flavors are blended perfectly. I love the vanilla, toffee, cinamon and peppery taste that this provides. I can still taste rum too. Slight burn but a very pleasant finish.

My favorite rums are aged rums, but this is one of the best spiced rums I've tried. I even prefer this to the Kraken Black Spiced Rum, which is another one of my favorite spiced rums.

Has a nice sweet flavor, typical of Brinley Gold rums, which also smells and tastes of caramel, vanilla, molasses, and spice! Perhaps a bit weak at 36%abv, but tasty for a spiced rum nonetheless.

Where purely spiced rums are concerned, this is a gem. Very strong caramel flavor with a subdued, yet present and tasty spice flare in the throat to finish. An absolute must for any collection.

Nice alternative to other spiced rums; it's slightly more syrupy than most so the consistency is different. Great in more complex rum cocktails.

Mmmmm, delicious mixed and straight up. Fantastic nose!

The only spiced rum I can drink straight, naturally flavoured and surprisingly smooth given the price. Tastes like liquid candy and easily recommended for those looking for a sweeter experience. Don't mistake this for an aged rum of impeccable quality. It just tastes great at a very low price. Best spiced rum I've ever had.

I was expecting this to be a perfect rum for my rum and cokes, however it failed to deliver. It is extremely smooth and has a good amount of spice to it, however, it made the coke seem almost flat because it was so smooth. When mixed with a cola, this rum lost all of its beautiful body and characteristics. Sad to see this not be the perfection I had envisioned, however, it is a good sipping rum if you want something with a bit of spice to it.

From a brand I've never heard of before this is a delicious spiced rum. Stars with a fantastic deep amber color, the aroma of an awesome spiced rum. Nice bite at the start but a smooth spiced middle with small hints of vanilla at the end. Great for mixing or sipping on its own!

Very nice rum. Excellent nose and finish. $20 you will be very impressed with the depth and character of this rum.

I think I stumbled upon this one based on the reviews I read here. I put this one way up toward the top of my list. For what its worth some aspects I prefer over The Kraken and others over Sailor Jerry which are also high on my list of would buy again. I have done several taste test where I sample a flight of rums around and around and this one rises to the top every time. Some days my taste buds are different but Shipwreck seems to be tasty all of the time. I believe the price was a bit more favorable than the competition as well.

I must admit that I am not a fan of spiced rums. I don't get it. The added flavors all but drown out the underlying taste of this rum.

This is the third Brinley Gold Shipwreck rum I have reviewed and it is by far the best of the three. But still not a great rum. As spiced rums go it's pretty good but there are others I prefer. This one has more of a spiciness as in pepperiness that rapidly approaches after tasting the initial sweetness. This then turns into a burn that starts on the tongue then slowly moves down the throat. It's been aged for 4 years according to the label but it doesn't really show it. Tried it in some Coke Zero and the think I noticed is that the vanilla flavor is more noticeable while the other spices are muted. Odd. I would like to try this in some mixers calling for spiced rum.

Elegant...yes... so easy and smooth. O00I FO$9((