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Medium pusser s overproof rum

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22 Pusser's Overproof ratings

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Excellent navy rum, good aroma and smooth taste. Recommend

If this is the 75% over proof then it doesn't get much better than this. Pour a glass add a good amount of water and sip straight. Beautiful flavours and smooth. Navy rum at it's finest. If you see a bottle, buy it.

Let's just hope that this franchise doesn't fall into a quality destroying/profit obsessed mega corporation like DIAGEO.

This is rum history.

Sabroso y digno de ser el ron oficial de la Royal Navy. Para acompañar con algún hielo.

Buttery aroma. A little alcohol bite. A great mixer. Fantastic painkiller. Not sure it's a sipper.

I would not say 75prct. You can also use it as a disinfectant :-)
It's a boy's drink, not a woman.

In spite of the strength of alcohol, this rum has a flavor, so that means for the maximum rating 7.

Rum vymyšlený pro dálkové plavby, kdy se méně koncentrované destiláty neoplatilo vozit.
Zajímavé na něm je, že se to i v této síle dá pít a přitom má nějakou chuť, ale jinak ideální na to prubnout jednoho paňáka v nějakém baru.
Zas mi ale doma dlouho vydržel...

I always remember faces of peoples which taste this with no idea of it being overproofed ... a bit. Pretty interesting. 7 is for all the fun.

It has a great burn and a warm aroma with a bit of caramel. It is relatively smooth as well.

Secure yourself to your chair before tasting this rum or you will be directly on board a pirate ship ! Vegetable and floral notes with oak. Strong, dry and powerful . Finally Navy Rum !

Now this is a navy rum as it should be! This is not a ladies drink, yet you can find some pleasant aromas if you keep it in mouth long enough.

Excellent rum that packs a punch.. Would be a sin to mix with coke so either on the rocks or straight up
... See how long you last straight up

Starts off sweet and cloying and then gets progressively harsher.

Burns your throat when you swallow.

I like it with ginger beer when I don't feel like a spiced rum.

Spicy and strong rum but equally well balanced and tasty. Great for mixing and baking.

I normally enjoy overproof rums, and this one is not bad at all. But it can't really justify its high percentage, as the taste is no that complex.

Alkohol: 75 %
Původ: Britské Panenské ostrovy, Trinidad, Guyana
Aroma: Velmi hutná, kožená, kořenitá vůně, uzavřenější než verze 47,75%. Trocha nakyslého ovoce. (84 b)
Chuť: Na jazyku překvapivě tolik neštípe jako slabší 47,75% verze. Dřevitě kořenitá chuť, sametová, pikantní.
Alkohol se pořádně projeví až při polknutí, ale není to tak zabijácké, jak jsem očekával. Paradoxně mě víc štípala
slabší verze. V dochuti nasládlé koření, skořice, silná čokoláda. Bez hořkosti. S vodou je krémovější a zvýrazní se
dřevo, jinak voda nijak nepomáhá a radši bych neředil. (86 b)
Body: 85
Shrnutí: Je to spíš chlapské pití, babičkám, maminkám ani manželkám by jste asi radost moc neudělali.

Love the 54.5%, this is even smoother. Demands absolute respect, ace rum with coke.

Drink sitting down (or you soon will be)

The color is fine, the smell is ok, the taste was far better then expected. I´m starting to enjoy the overproofs.

The standard "Blue Label" Pussers in the UK is this 54.5% beast.

The best navy rum without a doubt

Here´s a great overproof rum to float in cocktails! it has flavor and punch! tastes to me like a strong version of the blue label Pusser`s.

nicked from the Uk navy, caramel hints with a thing of whiskey going on in the background, it's high ABV makes sure you know you've had a drink, very pleasant on ice, extremely nice with apple....a very good drink...

Doesn't sit well with cola, best straight up at room temperature or in a Pussers Painkiller. I also use it to make Grog which is a fierce and unusual cocktail to impress your friends with! Strong bold flavours, smooth and think with a lasting finish