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Don papa rum

Don Papa Small Batch Rum is produced by the Bleeding Heart Rum Company on the southern island of Negros in the Philippines. The rum is distilled from molasses, then aged for over 7 years in American oak barrels, and lastly charcoal filtered.

The name Don Papa rum was inspired by Papa Isio, a leader of the Philippine revolution against the Spanish who led his island to independence before joining the main revolutionary movement.

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I've been able to taste this rum at the Paris RumFest in 2014. This rum has clearly been designed to reach the general public, not aged rum fans: It is syrupy, in appearance as in taste and reminds me some cough syrup that I had to drink when I was younger. Not really desagradable, but clearly not neither what I expect from an aged rum!
It could be compared to the Arcane Extraroma from Mauritius for its very fruitful taste and it probably shares with the Arcane the addition of cane syrup, even probably flavored cane syrup (artificially flavored or naturally, this is what remains to be determined in my opinion).
But the difference between these 2 rums stands in the fact that this addition has been reasonably well mastered in Mauritius when it has been completely missed in the Philippines. We're not so far from a Malibu rum, in my opinion.

Beautiful packaging. New country on the rum map but clearly not up to the rest of world rum production. Sweet caramel texture but I doubt it was really aged knowing well Philippines strategies to cheat and make immediate profit. Looks like a spiced rum rather than aged rum with lot of glycerine in it :(

Quite terrible ! Nice rum to discover but not for rum lovers. Keep the empty bottle though ...

this rum is not a rum, i think. it is a heavy sweetend spirit, i think. it is aritficial, i think. there is much vanilla sugar in it, i think. i cant drink that, i know. and there is glycerol in it, to make it soft, i think. you can drink it, if you want. but dont tell me therafter, i havent warned you! all this is my personal perception.

This rum is a cynical cash grab concocted by corporate marketers and ad men attempting to appeal to the discerning drinker. And by "discerning" I mean: has money and knows diddly squat about spirits, especially rum.

If rum had the rules and regulations of Scotch or Bourbon this stuff wouldn't even be allowed to market itself as rum. Small batch?!? LOL! Next time you're in the Philippines I dare you to visit this charming boutique distillery... Perhaps spend an evening sampling their rum and experiencing the terroir of the region. I'm sure a day at the distillery, which absolutely isn't some industrial beverage facility, would be very beautiful and romantic...

Look, the truth is that this is industrially produced cane sugar/molasses-based (I'm being generous here) ethanol which has been gussied up with all manner of sweeteners, artificial flavours, colours and god knows what else (glycerol and vanillan at least, according to lab tests) to make it palatable -- and it isn't! Bad enough that they call it rum, but it commits an even greater sin than playing fast and loose with the truth -- it tastes bad!

Oh, and aged 7 years? Hilarious. I doubt it's even been aged seven days! After all, we all know what age statements mean on rum (hint: it rhymes with truck ball). It's a good thing rum drinkers don't seem to care about things like age statements and hidden additives, otherwise they might start getting what they're paying pay for, which is quality.

I just came back from a trip to Negros Oriental, Philippines where Don Papa rum is made. Like the lush,sweet and beautiful island of Negros, Don Papa will put you in a state of sweet vanilla heaven being one of the smoothest rums I've ever had. Goes very well with Ginger Ale. Salamat Don Papa!

The packaging is very nice... For the rest, it's hyper sweet so yes very easy to drink but the flavor is suspicious ... Not for a straight up drinking, maybe in mixed drinks.

I tasted this Rum in a nice pub in Ostend. I really liked the sweet taste. I liked the smell and i was surprised that the rum tasted differently than the smell. From now on I am going to explore more rums.

First of all.. The bottle and that beautiful label.. Deserves a place in any cabinet just for the looks..

Nose : The scent from this one is clearly rich of vanilla..
Taste : The taste is a funny thing.. To me it tastes like a children's toothpaste.. This is not bad in any way for me. It took me like a half bottle to get used to it and now i even crave it from time to time..
Finish : The finish isn´t the strongest part, it fades away pretty quick and there is noting there..

Since the taste is so unique this rum is of the kind that you either hate it or love it.. So it´t not for everyone.. But if you like it you´ll love it..

Ce n'est pas un rhum pour moi... C'est une liqueur...

Niekto tento rum hodnotí ako umelý rum, ako nerum, dosladený, dofarbený, neviem, čo všetko ešte. Ja hodnotím to, čo mám pred sebou v pohári. Možno mohol master blender urobiť rum tradičnejší, ale podľa mňa výsledné dielo nie je vôbec najhoršie. Veľmi pekná mohutná fľaša s prepracovanou etiketou, kde vyzerá rum ozaj tmavšie ako v pohári. Po naliatí tmavozlatá farba, rum podľa vône napovedá, že by mohol byť sladký, cítiť prezreté citusy, sladkú vanilku. Po ochutnaní sa rozvinie sladkosť s podtónom vyzretých citrusov, hrozienok a vanilky. Podľa mňa pekný, aj keď trošku prikrášlený nekaribský rum.


Taste of vanilla and citrus notes.
Not bad to drink but not a real rum : an artifical rum.

Pretty interesting one - full of oak & flavours of caramel.
Smooth on the finish.
Liked it ... But not as much as the Diplomatico.


C'est à se demander comment un rhum si jeune peut surpasser de loin certains bcp plus matures. L'inévitable.

Certes y'a du goût ! C'est très étonnant la première fois, tellement étonnant qu'on dirait du "spiced rum"... Autrement dit un rhum festif et débridé. Très doux, très parfumé, fruité, super facile à boire. Si vous me le permettez je dirais : un rhum pour les demoiselles en vogue ! Pas de complexité, pas de longueur qu'on attend sur un rhum vieux.

Pour les novice du Rhum, ce produit est genial et parfait, egalement très feminin !

This is probably one of the easiest rums to sip. It is smooth and very sweet. Purists are probably not really happy with this rum, but for me it is in my favorites.

I was on holiday with my wife in France, and I let the bartender choose. He gave me this one... it’s nothing for my taste... even 2 hours after I drank it I could still taste the chemical candy flavour in my mouth. Believe me, there are much better ones!

Es un ron muy peculiar, cuando lo probé no pude dejar de notar el aroma a Panetón (quienes viven en Perú o conocen Perú saben de lo que hablo), ese aroma peculiar a frutas confitadas y vainilla, el cual jamás esperarías en un ron. Pero vaya sorpresa este ron lo tiene, al tomarlo se puede sentir el sabor de la vainilla, frutas secas y confitadas, y azúcar. No digo que sea un mal ron, solo que es muy peculiar, lo bueno es que sí es bebible solo, y si gustas mezclarlo sería conveniente que lo hagas con agua tónica, o alguna bebida amarga, no te recomendaría que lo hagas con alguna bebida azucarada porque estarías haciendo una mazamorra liquida.
Solo para añadir, la presentación me parece muy acertada; es muy llamativa.

Ma femme aurait mis 10, moi 0, donc 5 pour la moyenne. Un tout ou rien, on commence par lui mais on arrête assez vite. Quand même quelques goûtes dans un Mojito pour l'originalité.

Syntetisk, alt for sød i både smag og duft. Bestemt ikke min farvorit.

A friend brought a bottle to a party so I gave it a try. It is not the type of rum I like. It is super sweet and has flavors not normally found in rum.

N- Caramel, warm brownie and cola candy. Piped vanilla cream, lemon meringue, packed with various sweet tropical fruits infusion on a sandy notes. Hoped for some spices but seems missing from the mix, so this smells really sweet and dark indeed. (17/25)

P- Cola flavored carbonated candy that just popping around on the palate, ripe creamy fruits, vanilla and creme brulee. Heavy and buttery distillates with relatively full body at low proof, which is a good thing, and just hoped no sugar added prior bottling...benefit of the doubt. (17/25)

F- Short, dust of sweet and hot pepper, cafe latte with cinnamon, lemony sugar candy. Round and smooth. (17/25)

Balanced:- A lizard on my head too. Melting pot of sweet fruits, but somehow is not cloying, may be the touch of lemon does helps. Try it if lemon, vanilla and cola are your things. (17/25)

Weighted Rate:- 68pt
— at The Rum Bar KL.


Ein sehr spezieller Rum mit einer schönen Farbe.
In der Nase sehr fruchtig und süss.
Im Gaumen eine extreme, schon fast künstliche Süsse wie Kaugummi, Vanille und Fruchtnoten
aber als Ganzes nicht schlecht.
Im Abgang hält die Süsse an.
Entweder man liebt oder hasst Ihn, jedenfalls eine tolle Aufmachung!

A very special rum with a nice color.
In the nose very fruity and sweet.
In the palate an extreme, almost artificial sweetness like chewing gum,
vanilla and fruit notes,but as a whole not bad.
In the finish the sweetness don't stop.
Either you love or hate Him, at least a great presentation!

Smooth and sweet with vanilla flavor. Little complex. Nearly No burn. A typical desert Rum like the pyrat XO. Instead of fresh orange, here vanilla is the magic dust.