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Batiste blanc rum

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Batiste Rhum has a pure and clean taste and is incredibly versatile as a cocktail spirit. I love it as a daquiri, a mojito, a champagne cocktail or just over ice with a little lemon twist. Because it is a food grade alcohol made from pure, unsprayed sugar cane juice, it feels as good in your body as it tastes on your lips: truly delicious.

I do not usually drink hard alcohol but, i recently started drinking batiste with some friends and coworkers and i have been converted to a rum drinker. It is perfect over ice or in almost any cocktail. Super easy to work with and goes down smooth with no hang over or headache. If i am not drinking my own home brew beers, i'm drinking batiste!


Batiste is clean. Clean to the palate and clean to the body. I found Batiste at Trader Joe's in Oakland and it's my go to spirit of choice. It takes on the flavors of the ingredients that it's mixed with. It brings out the flavor of a quality amaro in a negroni and doesn't over power seasonal fruit drinks.


I was disapointed by this bottle. It taste sugarcane, alcool, nothing else.