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Batiste is clean. Clean to the palate and clean to the body. I found Batiste at Trader Joe's in Oakland and it's my go to spirit of choice. It takes on the flavors of the ingredients that it's mixed with. It brings out the flavor of a quality amaro in a negroni and doesn't over power seasonal fruit drinks.


This rum was rated a 9.5 as of this review. Interestingly, 9 of the 12 reviewers who rated this 9 or more have only one review as of my rating, and 12 of 12 have 3 reviews or less all within 3 weeks of each other. So I'm guessing the 9.5 score is bogus.

Regardless, I found this rum to be an interesting, slightly above average agricole blanc. Smells and tastes of sugar cane, floral notes, and maybe even a little ginger. Quite unique.

Though good, I think the Clement agricole blancs are a better choice.

I was disapointed by this bottle. It taste sugarcane, alcool, nothing else.

This is an interesting little rum/rhum. It's light and "clean" and fresh, as others mention. There's really not much heft to it at all. There are aromas of coconut water, grass, and subtle sweetness, and no alcohol (great!). The palate follows suit. You could use this as a white rum, an agricole, or even a vodka substitute (for which I think it would excel). As an agricole, its flavor pales in comparison to the others I've tried. You can make a workable Ti' Punch out of it, and it's very sippable and quite good, but it's nothing at all like an agricole out of Martinique. A 50+% version would be interesting, and I believe it would be fine indeed; too bad it's been watered down so much.

Overall, though fairly bland, I think for many people this will be a point in its favor. The lack of alcohol notes on the nose, decent price-point, and eco-friendly marketing-speak makes it easy to recommend to others (could be an 8 for some). But myself, I'll likely go elsewhere for my white mixing rum needs.

I could give it a 7, but there are definitely shenanigans going on with the ratings here, folks. No way is this a 10—at least not for most people. And the 10s are coming from people with 1-2 ratings total... highly suspect. I don't know what's going on, but I'm not happy about it. In fact, I've been predisposed to boycott this brand entirely. Having tasted the stuff I really can't say it's half bad, but whoever behind these ratings needs to back off, and I hope the mod steps in and takes action soon. So for now, I'm docking a point. Cheers

I wish I had liked it more, but for me it had an unpleasant aftertaste, somewhat dirt flavored.

I purchased Batiste at my local Trader Joe's and was happily surprised to find it so easy to drink even straight, clean flavor. A must try and not just a summer drink!

Batiste is so pure and delicious it makes any cocktail more elegant!

My favorite drink using batiste rhum, squeeze half a fresh grapefruit and a splash of pink champagne! Absolutely delicious and refreshing.

Words that come to mind when I think of Batiste Rhum: Clean, Elegant, Fresh.
Unlike other agricole rhums, it isn't weighed down by overpowering nutmeg. The sugar cane flavour comes through, without dominating. It's light on the palate, with a touch of salinity.

It works best in cocktails that don't have a ton of ingredients, as it is a delicate rhum.. A daiquiri with Batiste is perfection.

I picked some up at Noe Valley Wine Merchant in SF. Great price for a clean and refreshing tasting run. Batiste with ginger beer has become my drink of choice at home. Enjoy.


Batiste Rhum has a pure and clean taste and is incredibly versatile as a cocktail spirit. I love it as a daquiri, a mojito, a champagne cocktail or just over ice with a little lemon twist. Because it is a food grade alcohol made from pure, unsprayed sugar cane juice, it feels as good in your body as it tastes on your lips: truly delicious.

I do not usually drink hard alcohol but, i recently started drinking batiste with some friends and coworkers and i have been converted to a rum drinker. It is perfect over ice or in almost any cocktail. Super easy to work with and goes down smooth with no hang over or headache. If i am not drinking my own home brew beers, i'm drinking batiste!