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Brugal extra viejo rum

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Expected more. Going to DR in 2 weeks waned to sample a local but this is thin not flavor I expected. Will try the better if I can

A little harsh on the nose with molasses and caramel. It's 37.5% abv...feels and taste that way. Initial taste, swift unwanted volatile compounds with an impact of caramel, citrus peel and oak, finishing in peppery oak spice. I think it would be helpful distilling it one more time before aging and bottle it at 40% abv. Besides that, average aged rum.

Perhaps they meant to type "BRUTAL" on the labels and just went with it. If I ever need to chlorophorm someone in a pinch, this might work if it doesn't kill them.

Rien de particulier dans cette bouteille. L'alcool prend vraiment le dessus sur un petit côté boisé pourtant pas désagréable. Bien en cocktail.

For a rum made for mixing this one us pretty boring. It doesnt bring anything else than the cheal alcohol taste. You're probably better off with another kind of rum

Theres nothing i like about this rum , i find it tasteless snd dry even with coke. Sorry i guess im not a fan of Brugal

Okay...I had to knock a few points off just for the aroma. Reminds me of paint thinner. Sorry, but it does.

Tasting word....harsh...has a weird flavor to it that just


Tastes as if the wood particles weren't filtered....

Supposed to be "extra old" but exhibits no such aging...

A little sweetness but has some noticeable bitterness that is displeasing...

Not...I repeat...NOT a sipping rum...

I don't know...maybe I got a bottle from a bad batch but I really cannot recommend this for anything but for mixers calling for harsh rum. Not my first, second, or third choice. There are much better rums for the price.

Excellent in mixed drinks. Had lots in Dominican.

brought it straight out of dominican republic, there's much better options from there, even from Brugal,

ok i'll give it this smooth but something that i couldn't put my finger on was not right about this rum
thin and medicinal like it had a funny after taste that to me was off putting
gladly it was not me who bought the bottle ,lol
i will not run out to buy this rum it can stay on the shelf , i would much rather drink the Anejo

Also der Brugal ist nicht unbedingt mein Geschmack, da sind die von Barcelo um einiges besser :-)

No convence. Es muy simple y ni con la Coca Cola se arregla.

Had this bottle at Coco Bongo night club. Great experience. Might have been influenced by the great show, but I remember a good tasting rum.

Tried the Brugal XV, Dry Spiced, Extra Viejo and Anejo back-to-back and I have to say they are all quite horrendous. The XV and Dry Spiced have a nice dark color, whereas the Extra Viejo and Anejo are quite weak on color. The Extra Viejo has a strong alcohol smell, taste and burn to it. Quite similar to the Brugal XV.

Hatte die Flasche länger schon im Schrank stehen. Nachdem ich Sie dann geöffnet habe war ich sehr positiv überrascht. Guter Geschmack , gute Qualität.

The best OF rum . i think :) I brought From Dominican Republic. its the best of the best what i drunk :) i love it

Good rum. I would recommend to try but a little pricey for the taste.

Nice bold flavors with a delicate balance of sweetness with a hint of woody notes. Much better enjoyed mixed as opposed to drinking neat. Nice price point for a aged Dominican rum.

An average rum at best, generic taste. Not much going on with it.

Dark smooth light flavours for mixing not a sipping rum

Similar in taste and style to a Ron Zacapa. Hearty oak body with subtle vanilla undertones. An elegant delicacy.

J'adore le Brugal, il me rappelle mes années aux Club Med. Je m'évadais avec une bouteille de rhum, un litre d'eau, un gros sandwich, un livre et mon Hamac. Je me trouvais 2 palmiers au dessus de l'eau et il était bien plus facile d'entrer dans le hamac que d'en sortir au coucher de soleil. Le goût est simple mais savoureux. Straight up de la bouteille, il ne me manquait qu'une patch sur oeil et un perroquet. Arr !

I lived in Miami for a decade and a half and met many who insisted Brugal was the best rum compared to Barcardi and Havana club. Each claimed to be the best made in the Carribbean but buying bottles of each and hosting our own taste-tests party with nationals of different Carribbean nations proved the best for mixers was Brugal, the best on the rocks was Barcardi.

Brugal Extra Viejo, aged eight years or more, is my personal favorite. In the Dominican Republic you can get a bottle for less than five US dollars. Of course it costs more in the US but for me it is worth it.

If you are fortunate to cruise the Carribbean, Porta Plata is a common port stop. There you can visit a Brugal distillery. It does include free samples at the end of its short tour. That experience is excellent to determine which Brugal variety taste best for you. You can bring back five bottles with the first being duty free. Going through customs has always been easy; they don't bother to charge you the extra 20 cents per bottle (bottles 2 through 5). I have always been waived through.

Drinking it straight brings out its smooth taste. A caramel-like taste is an often heard assessment. The aroma is also light as you might expect from good rum.

I do like the other aforementioned rums but when I look forward to a great rum mix, I always look for Brugal.

al saber que en la familia brugal cuentan con una nueva generacion de maestros roneros me encanto la idea de una mujer pertenezca a ese circulo cero y le aporta una nueva dimension a este ron de tradicion un ron ligero a carta cabal