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Barton light rum

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I know it's been stated, but from a bartenders point of view it makes a great, cheap, speed rail companion but nothing more. If you're getting a cheap 2-for-1 drink somewhere this is probably what you're drinking.

This rum here has great clean taste.
Not to sweet at all.
I start with a 20 oz glass full to the top with ice.
Then pour up to 4 fingers of Light Barton Rum.
Top off with a Green Monster energy drink (1can only)
Then switch to Coke.

Just a well brand rum. better than some Bacardis but that doesnt say much.

A well rum around here. Appreciated by me!
Mild aroma, sweet taste and muted after. A great rum in a mix! I enjoy it in Iced tea - but taste it before you sweeten it. The rum in unsweetened tea is just fine with me

Nothing good to say. It's one of the rums I would mix with cola

Travelling through West Virginia I saw this rum and it was cheap, so I added to my collection. It was nothing to write home about, but I didn't expect very much. It would be a serviceable mixer for something that calls for a white rum.