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Zaya gran reserva 12 year rum

Zaya Gran Reserva Rum is a blend of three to five rums sourced from Trinidad and Tobago. Double-distilled from pure sugar cane in copper pot stills, the rums are aged in whiskey and bourbon oak barriques (225-liter barrels) for a minimum of 12 years.

Zaya rum is distilled by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala. Originally made in Guatemala, Zaya Gran Reserva is now produced in Trinidad."

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Nose: sweet , caramel , vanilla ,spicy , smoke
Taste: sweet , vanilla, caramel, nutty ,oak, smoky, little bit fruity/alcoholic .

For me , a nice sipping Rum with a good finish.

If you had to drink one rum this would be the one to drink. Easy to drink, works with everything, not too expensive and a great bottle to look at.

Best served on waffles. Sugary, oily, and overpoweringly vanilla-flavored. Plus, it feels creepily thin in the mouth. This stuff actually made me sad.

Zaya is so perfectly smooth it will change the minds of those who claim they 'don't like' rum. It is perfect for sipping and one of the best tasting rums I've found yet.

When I tasted Zaya for the first time, I sampled it along side other dark and rich sippers to include Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. Although sharing many of the initial qualities of DRE, it was missing a certain oomph (sp?). It smells of molasses and vanilla perfume or lotion (in a good way) with a papaya and pepper after taste. Good but still lacking something that makes it memorable. Seems like an easy door opener for those new to sipping rum. At $29 USD (01/2016), it's worth grabbing for making a quality cocktail or to sip on when your first choice has run dry.


This rum stinks of cheap artificial vanilla flavour. There is no flavour there from aged rum. Just sugar and caramel. No smoothness either. I guess there was no aged rum to blend their product with. Maybe if you like Bacardi Oackhard a lot that you are willing to pay top dollar for extra caramel and sugar. Better buy vanilla Coke and add some gin.

I'll admit I haven't tried every rum out there, but I have tried a lot, so I'll reserve 10 just in case I find better someday. Love the smoothness and vanilla undertones. Wonderful for sipping and a great value.

Aromatic notes of vanilla, caramel, with hints of banana and cocoa.
The palate is an initial taste of vanilla, cocoa and brown sugar, with a medium-sweet bodied with hints of oak and orange spice.

This rum comes in a very nice thick and large bottle.

The smell is very sweet with lots of vanilla and caramel.

Tha taste is very sweet (vanilla, caramel) with a bit of spice and oak. The finish is long with some spice and oak.

This is a sweet rum and I recommend it to all that wants to try a easy to drink sweet rum. I have tried it straight up and with cola and both are very good. I also recommend that you always have two bottles at home because one of them always seems to run out :)


Can't go wrong with this one, offers a nice balance between smooth, sweet and complexity.

Palírnu s tímto jménem by jste hledali marně, jedná se o soukromou značku, kdy se pod názvem Zaya prodává směs rumů původem z Trinidadu a Tobaga, vybraná a namíchaná master blenderem. Dočetl jsem se, že dříve prý byla vyráběna z rumů původem z Guatemaly. Destilát je vyroben z melasy, zrál v sudech po whisky a bourbonu a jeho stopy vedou ke společnosti Trinidad Distillers Ltd, která spadá pod křídla firmy Angostura Ltd. Trinidad Distillers Ltd má na svědomí následující rumy: Ferdi's Premium Rum, Fernandes Black Label Rum, Forres Park Puncheon Rum, Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Scarlet Ibis Rum a Vat 19.
Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Trinidad a Tobago
Aroma: Bohaté aroma je výrazné, hřejivé, silné. Kůže a karamel se zde mísí s hřebíčkem, propolisem a medicínskou vůní, tak typickou pro Angosturu. (90 b)
Chuť: Velmi příjemně nasládlá, jemná, uhlazená chuť, s trochou hřebíčku, který svým suchým dojmem vyvažuje sladkost. Dozvuk je velmi dlouhý, medicínsky angosturovský, ale má po delší době až trochu dřevitě medicinální suše svíravý dojem, tento dojem se dostavil až asi po jedné až dvou minutách po vypití. Trošku vada na kráse, měl jsem už napsané body nad 90, ale za tuhle chybku koriguju. (90 b)
Body: 90
Shrnutí: I po drobné korekci je to ve výsledku krásných 90 bodů. Hodně mi připomíná Angosturu 1919 a 1824, ale v chuti přidává navíc nasládlý rozměr.

This was a quite wonderful dram. The vanilla sweetness hit my taste buds first but didn't overpower a complex, bitter, chocolate nuttiness at all. Long and pleasant finish. Sip this neat and appreciate the craft!

A must have in your collection a golden to copper brown color nice vanilla scent nice barrel flavors with vanilla tones with a smooth finish.

Zaya is one of my introductory rums. It's where I started when I began drinking rum in the way that it was meant. Slightly sweet with a gorgeous caramel finish, this rum is an excellent way to end a day. The price point on the bottle is just about right (@$25/bottle) so as not to break the bank.

Vanilla flavor is too dominant for my tastes. Very smooth and very little after burn. A pretty good sipper.

Robust and spicy enough to still be interesting despite the obvious sweetening. If you like Zacapa 23 you will like this one too. Outstanding bottle.

Zaya Gran Reserva may be the best rum Trinidad has on offer. Very rich and quite heavy on the vanilla, this rum has superb complexity of flavor in the nose and on the palette. Perhaps best finish of any rum I've tasted (including Ron Zacapa 23 Solera). Here in New York, the price point makes it an incredible value.

Zaya Gran Reserv recently changed in many aspects - Packaging, and mix. It went from a really enjoyable experience and is now a nasty tasting cheap bottle of rum.

The way I can tell the difference is the packaging - if the bottle has the real weaving, and a cork - that is the good stuff. If the bottle is a screw top with printed weaving - do not waste your money!

Vanilla and caramel aromas permeate this in the snifter. Hints of major sweetness.

And the flavor bears that out. Very sweet (sugar added?) along with that overabundance of vanilla and caramel flavors...a little toffee, too...not too much of a burn but when that fades you are back with the vanilla and caramel. Especially the vanilla.

This might be a tad too sweet even for fans of sweet rums but who knows. It is not a bad rum but seems to go overboard on the sweet vanilla flavors. I don't see this working as well with either colas or fruit-based drinks unless you're into sweetness. Seems to be a cheaper cousin to Zacapa.

My recommendation: pass on this if Zacapa or something better is available (like El Dorado or Dictador for instance). However if it's down to this or Capt. Morgan/Bacardi/Malibu then pick this up).

Currently my favorite rum. It is a little sweet, with flavors of vanilla and caramel. Perfect for a dessert sipper. Do not waste as a mixer, drink this one neat. Great rum to share with friends after dinner. For $37 this is a steal.

Zaya is a rum I love to go to when I want richness with a hint of spice and nothing more. Not much complexity but still a great rum on it's own. In cocktails the strength and taste holds up but without complexity it becomes just a backbone.

Update (12/2016):
Yes, the packaging has changed, and not for the better. What's inside is still very good, but not quite as smooth or flavorful as the previous incarnation. I do think it's still a pretty good value, if you can find it in the USD $30–35 range. If you're a fan of the "old" version, now's the time to track down the remaining bottles! And if you have your doubts about the new one, might be time to spring for something a little higher. Cheers!

Original (~2011):
This was the first sipping rum I ever tried, long before I was even a novitiate. I had no expectations. Imagine my surprise when I first smelled the banana, vanilla and caramel. The flavor profiles in this rum are very distinct, and can easily transport you to another place. (Perhaps this contributes—along with good old-fashioned marketing—to such a wide price range for this product, compared to other aged rums.) In the mouth, it's sweet, and oh-so-smooth.

The bottle is nice and heavy, with a straw lattice around the neck [edit: womp, womp...]. Looks good on the shelf (if the shelf is tall enough) and feels good in the hand.

I'd rate it higher if I were a bigger fan of vanilla and banana aromas (which I think most people are), but still, it's a solid bottle.

You can buy this in Florida for less than $30 a bottle.
Nose: very sweet oak aroma. Really impressive. It gives you the feeling you're about to drink a great vintage reserva rum.
Taste: unfortunately that feeling didn't materialize. It tasted like a simple sugary watery drink with molasses.
Finish: very short with no discerning flavors.

Zaya from Trinidad was first intoduced to me in a small bistro in Shreveport Louisiana. Not available most fact very hard to find even in most liquor stores. This rum is the smoothest, sweetest tasting rum l have ever had the pleasure of imbibing.

"Zaya is clearly a sipping rum..."

Zaya rum review by Matt at A Jigger of Blog

'deep mahogany hue. Butterscotch, coconut...'

Zaya Gran Reserva rum review by The Ultimate Rum Guide

Zaya gran reserva 12 year rum