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Xm vxo rum


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10 XM VXO ratings

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Very nice rum and at the price it is well worth a punt if you are looking for an inexpensive sipping rum.

Very good. Not 100% sure of origin these days, but a great product and very good value.

XM VXO 7y comes from Guyana, same distillery as the El Dorado rum family. XM GOD 7y has a very nice dark rum color, but the smell and taste has too much alcohol into it to make it anything more pleasant than 3. Otherwise better to stick with El Dorado 12 year old rum.

Good rum but not my favourite at all in this category.

This is not a good quality rum . Poor across all the flavours and aftertaste is not good .. put this back in the cupboard and don't bother buying

Average sweetness but some alcohol hashness. Taste of lemon and smokey oak. Not complex.

I bought this bottle for around 20€ on amazon. Due to the bottle lable this rum got a finishing in sherry barrels, after a bit less than 7 years in burbon barrels. So a classic whisky-like mature process. One can sipp this stuff already and for this price its good value. It goes down well, but I assume the 10y and 12y of this brand will be more complex.

This rum doesn't tast too young. The alcohol is already well integrated. Generally the Demerara Rums improve with extra-mature in Sherry-oaks. I will only never understand, why this is not used as sales-argument, just like it is done in the Whisky industry.

Now after I finished the bottle, I tend to upgrade the Rum by one point, coz the sherryish taste convinced me more.

Rhum assez doux en bouche avec une légère touche boisée. Agréablement surpris par sa qualité vu son prix.

Tested at my father in law. Good mémoires but can't be sharp with analyses. Need to be tasted again :-)

For a 7 year old See my full review at