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Wood 100 old navy rum rum

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Ok Wood's is not your average run of the mill rum this is a kick you in the teeth slap in the face navy rum 57% , wow!
If you get a chance to try it
, do so . I'm not much of a dark rum drinker but she goes down smooth with a warning ! Lol
I can't put my finger on the aroma but it's something familiar.
Woods is not spiced but I refer to it as Kraken on steroids .
Pick a bottle up , I think it's a rum and well worth the experience 👍👍

Typische Demerara rum uit Guyana. Molasses, eiken, tofee en rozijnen. Gebotteld op 57%abv maar zeer geschikt om te sippen. Goed voorbeeld van een navy rum.


Very strong tasty earthy rum my favorite one. I always mix it with a little Pepsi, just enough to get the right flavour but not enough to loose the strong taste of the rum. You need respect the strength of it as it can creep up on you and make you a little unsteady :)

Wood's is the only Demerara navy rum still bottled at 57% AB, the original strength served on British Navy ships. Strong from the start, hits you like a train and doesn't let go. Brown sugar and thick toffee notes. Not to be taken lightly


Drank on the rocks.

Not a bad tasting rum, however I may be inclined too only have one or two of these before moving onto another...

Má snad 60 %. Pořádně ostrá záležitost. Cukrová třtina je z povodí řeky Demerara a je to poznat na kvalitě. Když skleničku necháte prázdnou, tak ještě mnoho hodin krásně voní!

You definitely should try this one, if you like navy style rums

As near to a Pussers Tot as I have had as a commercial brew and I have plenty of the former before it was stopped in the Royal Navy. A crime to mix it, should be consumed neat to really enjoy if you don't you don't enjoy or know rum.

I couldn't resist getting a bottle when I saw it on offer in sainsburys £16!!!
Great taste, no way would I spoil this with coke or ice or anything else.
Full of flavour,nice aroma.
Get out there and treat yourself

Good stuff. Strong taste too strong to mix with coke, too strange to drink pure.

Typical Demerara taste, smoky sweet woody notes with baked apple and spices . Perfect for mixing a Mai Tai or a Dark 'n Stormy. You can also sip it straight but is not for the palate of the rookie. Overall a good rum that I would not like to miss in my bar.

Nice kick in the throat. Usually drunk at private splice mainbrace among friends, not one to be wasted.

I didn't find this rum anything special. Not too sweet a dark rum with string Alcoholic flavour.

It's 114 proof and full of flavor. Chocolate, spices, root reminds me a lot of Gosling's, another one of my favorites. Try making a Navy Grog with this rum. The result is a powerful tiki drink which is positively addictive and delicious when done right. And even though it's an overproof rum, it's not at all overpowering...which means you can sip it straight and enjoy the ride.

When it comes to dark rums full of treacle, toffee, fudge flavours. It tastes great straight, with notes of oak amongst the rich, thick flavours. Mixes well with cola, lemonade, or in a grog. This kinda rum is fantastic to cook with too, whether its for ice cream, cakes, butter cream etc. Just remember that this is at full navy strength which is 56%, underestimate that and you will be flat on your ass.

After having a bottle (new bottle) I am sure the recipe is still the same, but I was able to get a side by side comparison with Skipper, OVD, and Goslings and I would now rate these rums ins this order (Skipper, Goslings BS, OVD, Woods, Lambs, in that order

It's a smoother rum than lambs but it must be left to rest in coke as the flavour goes really smooth like velvet... Lovely rum with coke never going be a rum for the rocks or straight up

As others have said this needs to breath to get the best from it.
Notes of oak, liquorice and molasses.

I have heard from several old salts that despite what the makers of pussers will tell you, this rum is far more like the stuff the Royal Navy was issued till 1970.

Enjoy with coke or straight as a slow sipper which lets you enjoy the oak.

The secret to enjoying this rum is letting it breath... Let it sit for a while in some ice, and then again once you mix it (with Cola or Ginger Beer). This allows you to better taste the molasses, which is the best part of a Dark/Navy rum. Not too sweet, and with 57% alcohol content, it's amazing there's no burn or 'airplane fuel' smell/taste experienced with over-proof rums.

This rum took me by surprise. Enjoyed it with coke and kept going back. Thick and dark. It packed a punch but was a lot smoother than a lambs navy. Enjoyed this one.

As with most navy rums its not very smooth and packs a punch but Wood's does have a good flavour that comes through harsh volume.

good strong tasting dark rum, thick brown sugary taste.

Der Woods ist besser als der kanadische Lambs. Der Geschmack ist runder und schlüssiger als der Lambs

Based rum. Not bad but not very complex. Better than Lambs though

This rum is famous for mixing good tiki drinks and rightly so, it adds that punch the drinks needs. Strong and flavorful.