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Wood 100 old navy rum rum

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Rubbery and earthy on the first sniff. Follow by dark chocolate, toffee, flambe banana, jackfruit and sweet spices such as anise and clove.
Very complex on palate. woody, earthy with a touch of burned/ charred aroma flavor.
It tends to be slightly sour and salty (dried sour plum with sugar dust) and follow with sweet bitterness towards to end. It's then covered with flavor of clove and honey syrup.
Unripe banana which itch the gum on the finishing and sweet spices lingering .

Very strong tasty earthy rum my favorite one. I always mix it with a little Pepsi, just enough to get the right flavour but not enough to loose the strong taste of the rum. You need respect the strength of it as it can creep up on you and make you a little unsteady :)

As near to a Pussers Tot as I have had as a commercial brew and I have plenty of the former before it was stopped in the Royal Navy. A crime to mix it, should be consumed neat to really enjoy if you don't you don't enjoy or know rum.

I’m not a navy rum fan usually, but i do like this one. Bags of flavour.

Great rum, found by accident in my local and loved it

Surprised our Navy is so respected if they got on this before battle. Bugger me, it's lethal. But very tasty. Tried it neat and I admit I'm not man enough to do that again. Slapped some ice and pepsi in it.

Being ex Royal Navy, this is an obvious favourite of mine. One of the first rums I ever tasted, and one I always go back to. Lots of layers of flavours, and one to savour.

Closing my eyes while tasting this Rum I found it strong on the nose with a chocolate like aroma . It reminds me of a long ago dock ale house of the 18th century this is not a rum for the faint of heart but I like its strength. It is truly a Navy Dark when neat with a burn that is both pain and pleasure like a good hot sauce


Its a tad too powerful sipped neat add an ice cube gets better the more it melts and brings the abv down.

The rum itself is very dark, almost black in the bottle, perhaps the result of aging in heavily charred barrels, but more likely a result of a liberal dose of the caramel coloring.

The nose is heavy and sweet, chocolate, a bit of cinnamon, pudding.

The palate is sweet and oaky, with smoky, slightly astringent, complex notes that gradually develop into a lasting, powerful, slightly spicy finish. Notes of cocoa, tobacco, muscavado sugar, leather, and banana. The mouthfeel is full and rounded.

This rum can be enjoyed on the rocks or with a splash of water, but excels as a mixer in Dark and Stormy, or even rum-based Old Fashioned.

57%. Big nose of molasses, brown sugar, and vanilla. Very sharp. Drinkable neat, but very sweet. This would be great in eggnog.

6+, 7-

Mixes well in cocktails, but not great on its own. Worth the price though.

First to hit you is the strength at 57% this is serious rum. After the initial strength, you get wood and earthy flavour with demerara sugar, banana, toffee, dark chocolate coming through. Complex flavours and you can drink this as a sipping drink, however I tend to favour the Cuba Libre with Pepsi Max blends into an amazing strong sipping long drink.
Not too sweet and not spiced although hints of spices are to be found.
My mixing and everyday Rum of choice, partly down to the flavour and the affordable price range.

Picked up on offer in the UK.

Off the bat there are deep toffee and caramel scents and upon further tasting the woody, smokey flavour develops. Ends with a quite surprising Christmas pudding flavour which is absolutely delightful. Very enjoyable, and made me smile a great deal.

A great choice and was impressed by the presentation and complex flavour.

Read a little about part of the rum being stilled in a 250 year old still, interesting.

Would absolutely recommend.

Surprisingly smooth for a 57% rum, but with a warm finish, good for a winters eve

I would like to imagine that is what the british navy used to drink a few centuries ago... and it’s good!!
Tried it neat and even at 57% this one was smooth (maybe a bit of sugar added?) with some prominent notes of caramel (amongst other).
This navy rum won a place in my cabinet.

Ok Wood's is not your average run of the mill rum this is a kick you in the teeth slap in the face navy rum 57% , wow!
If you get a chance to try it
, do so . I'm not much of a dark rum drinker but she goes down smooth with a warning ! Lol
I can't put my finger on the aroma but it's something familiar.
Woods is not spiced but I refer to it as Kraken on steroids .
Pick a bottle up , I think it's a rum and well worth the experience 👍👍

Typische Demerara rum uit Guyana. Molasses, eiken, tofee en rozijnen. Gebotteld op 57%abv maar zeer geschikt om te sippen. Goed voorbeeld van een navy rum.


Wood's is the only Demerara navy rum still bottled at 57% AB, the original strength served on British Navy ships. Strong from the start, hits you like a train and doesn't let go. Brown sugar and thick toffee notes. Not to be taken lightly


Drank on the rocks.

Not a bad tasting rum, however I may be inclined too only have one or two of these before moving onto another...

Má snad 60 %. Pořádně ostrá záležitost. Cukrová třtina je z povodí řeky Demerara a je to poznat na kvalitě. Když skleničku necháte prázdnou, tak ještě mnoho hodin krásně voní!

You definitely should try this one, if you like navy style rums

I couldn't resist getting a bottle when I saw it on offer in sainsburys £16!!!
Great taste, no way would I spoil this with coke or ice or anything else.
Full of flavour,nice aroma.
Get out there and treat yourself