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Oliver & Oliver know rum and if you drink this, you will too.
Seriously do some research and you'll know what I mean since the bottle only says "Cuban formula rum" and not much else, but it really doesn't need to.
Made from the original pre-revolution Cuban formula and distilled in the Dominican Republic where the environment is damn near identical.
The initial aroma warms your nostrils and the taste is so smooth and warm that this one can be drank neat.
This rum is made straight from sugarcane and not molasses like most of the others in this category, but dear lord, you can taste the difference.
Sweet, smooth, strong.
The best you can get with white rum, hands down.

This surpassed the Diplomatico Blanco as my favorite light rum (though I've since discovered the Banks 5 Island to be my favorite light rum). Even sweeter and smoother than Diplomatico, this has very nice notes of vanilla, sugarcane, and marshmallow. A great sipping rum! I prefer aged rum to light rum, however; hence my score isn't as high as many of the aged rums I've reviewed. But an exceptional light rum, nonetheless!

This is by far the best white rum available! The aroma was slightly sweet, and it was very clean on the palate. It's a shame that more people don't carry it. Only white I can label as sipping quality.

I usually shy away from the white rums, but saw this at a small liquor store and it was the only one I had not tried before. While a little strong over ice, when mixed with coke it certainly worked for me.

At first sniff, this white rum doesn’t seem like a white rum!

This is smooth and delightful! Loadd with character.

Vanilla, possibly honey flavors.

I am a fan.

On my recent trip to northeast Florida, I just had to stop at 4 different stores by ABC Fine Wine And Spirits that were on the way. I reviewed their website extensively beforehand and had a good idea what to expect. This one was available at each store, but I actually gave up lingering doubts on the fourth and final visit during my trip to actually buy this one. It was on sale for $24 and normally retails for another $10 higher. I also would like to thank fellow reviewer "james Ford" for his 10-star review to inspire me. So why the lingering doubt? I already had found enough of the perfect white rum mixers and nothing could top Plantation 3-Star Artisinal for a white sipping rum. Until now!!!!

I first did a side by side taste test against Matusalem Platino, since both are from the Dominican Republic and I have rated the Matusalem fairly high at a 6. No contest! The Vizcaya Cristal actually makes Matusalem Platino taste medicinal when compared. Instead, Vizcaya Cristal has no repulsive aroma or taste, but has an absolutely wonderful aftertaste that is different each time! Chocolate one time and vanilla another, then cinnamon. How on earth do they do it? Original Cuban Formula!

I just had to compare this side by side to my only other white rum worthy as a sipper, Plantation 3-Star Artisinal. I will rate Vizcaya Cristal as a 7 equally with the Plantation. Both are fantastic sipping white rums at the top of their class, but not quite up to the level of their darker competitors. Basically, if you want tropical fruit flavors, pick the Plantation. If you want chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and other surprises, pick this Vizcaya Cristal. Next time that I am in Florida, I would buy this one again, even at full price.

Update: See my review on Koloa Toasted Coconut Rum for a great drink recipe that also uses this one!

It's proper aged rum, color was filtered out and there we have gentle rum with a lot of flavours. Vanilla for example. Or vanilla. And... Perfect smooth mixer.

Always happy to see this on the shelf. Never mixed it and have no idea why anyone would want to dilute the way it sits on your tongue.

El mejor blanco que he provado, su aroma a vainilla le da un toque especial

Good white rum for mixing lots of vanilla flavor. Taste straight is a little like turpentine.

Despite being a white rum this could be enjoyed on the rocks.
The rum has been aged in barrels and the colors removed by filters.
A lot of fruitiness in the flavour.

Rating is compared to other white rums.

This Vizcaya rum is much sweeter than the other two. Good on rocks and great mixer.