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Vizcaya cask 12 rum

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24 Vizcaya Cask 12 ratings

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I'm suspicious of rums that are "sweet and smooth" like this one, because it inevitably means they've been doctored with a ton of sugar and additives. So, yeah, you can gulp this stuff straight up without much of an afterburn, but you sacrifice any real "rum-ness". Not much character, not much depth, not much period.

This rum was the one that got me into this whole rum rating situation. I loved it so much that I started to try more and more rums. Great starting rum!

Glæder mig temmelig meget til at smage på denne skønhed!
I får naturligvis at vide hvad jeg mener og tænker om denne billige rom.

Nice color and wonderful aroma. Taste is good but the aftertaste is a little bitter. I got a bottle for under $20.

Ok rum. Not too bad.
Nice aroma and taste
Medium priced
I would prefer buying another rum to enjoy

Nice vanilla scent with notes of marzipan.
The flavour is immature with no complexity.

Nice looking bottle though

If You are into sipping rum but have been spending a little too much money on bottles and your wife is starting to notice and give you crap like me, then this rum is for you. For a little over 20 bucks I havent found anything this sweet and smooth. Its a little bit bland compared to more complex rums that are aged longer but there's absolutely nothing to complain about for this price. No bite at all. Perfect Every day sipper. Will be buying again.

I had a high expectation on the Vizcaya Cask 12 rum after liking their VXOP 21 for years, but this one is a long ways from the 8 rating I granted for the more matured one. Vizcaya Cask 12 is a decent rum in isolation, but compared to the older sibling, it is very unmature and has an over powering sweetness to it.

I find this rum very well balanced with just enough of every part of the taste.

I was pleasantly surprised by the caramel/vanilla taste in the rum. Not as smooth as other runs but there was no burn either.

I had this after having the 21 and I was not even remotely dissapointed the silky caramel/vanilla was still present maybe not as refiened but experience has taught me that 9 years can make a difference. If i compare this to other 12 years I feel like it is a incredibly well balanced.

Quite nice rum, price is reasonable. Little bit too harsh, but this is normal in this price range. Can recommend this.

Nothing harsh in this rum. Not as many extra notes as Zacapa, but if price is a consideration, this is very good.

This is an extremely underrated rum. Definitely my favorite gold. It almost tastes like a spiced, without the spice. Absolutely sippable, cheap enough to mix.

Smooth and sweet with vanilla undertones. Good sipping rum.

For this price it is a very good rum, its warm, smoky spice.

This is an excellent Rum. Nice hints of Vanilla with a hint of Cherry. I usually like my rum neat but in with this rum I find it good one of 3 ways either on the rocks, mixed 1:1 with coke or neat. All are excellent and very enjoyable. I would recommend you step up to the Cask 21, this stuff is the bomb. Anyhow Cask 12 is still a very enjoyable rum. Nice bottle too!

Will not find a better rum at the price of $18. A regular buy for me.

Yes its smooth and the great flavor combines caramel and vanilla flavors that create a most enjoyable and delicate balance for soothing experience.

Surprised me. A taste like top shelf Vizcaya Cask 21, but alot less expensive. It's worth a try. It's a regular purchase of mine.

Very smooth sipping rum. Just the right balance of sweetness. Not as sweet as Zaya. Nice amber color and nice aroma. Not sold in this area on a regular basis, so you have to peruse the specialty section occasionally. Price is definitely on the high end of the spectrum. Currently my go to rum.

Very smooth and great taste. Mixes great with coke.

If you want a premium gold rum, this is a fantastic choice. A very well balanced rum that doesn't pretend to be more than what it is. The only issue is that you might as well go for the high end cask 21 for the going price around here.

Bottle: Simple but still little bit unusual. I do not like the label, all of the information is on the bottleneck so it is not easy to read it. On the other hand I like the simple cristal bottle with just a name on it. - 0,5/1
Colour: Nice amber
Aroma: Quite moderate, vanilla, banana and something else I can not decide what it is. Overall impression is very interesting and pleasing. - 2/2
Taste: It is not agressive on the tongue. The taste is not very distinctive. Again there is some banana but with oaky finish. The rum is quiet sweet. - 2,5/5
Aftertaste: Very pleasent. It leaves some sweetness behind so it is pleasent rum even after the glass is finished. - 2/2