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Not the rum you wanna sit at home with and think about life with. Great and cheap when you need rum for and some said please bring some rum and you realize you only have $10 in your pocket. DO NOT drink neat. You have been warned. Good in mixers. Best with mr. Pibb just saying.

Looking for something cheap to mix with, here ya go. It will do the job. Not a rum to grab if you are looking for complexity though.

I agree with what others have said about the very strong and pronounced taste and scent of vanilla in this rum. For me, this really isn't a problem as I happen to love almost anything vanilla, but to someone who dislikes this flavor, this is definitely a product to avoid. Also, it isn't really that impressive to drink on its own. As a mixer, it does a great job, and for a cheaper price than the over-rated Captain will. But, really, nothing too much here. All in all, a decent rum if you're on a budget, but don't expect anything amazing.

I have been overlooking the Admiral for some time, it’s always on the bottom shelf with the other rums trying to lure you in with a pirate wench on the bottle. I finally tried it and to my delight it was pretty good. I would say the best I’ve had from the economy line. A bit heavy on the vanilla perhaps but all in all not a bad rum for a mixer. I enjoyed a few drinks with no ill effect the next morning. If I were throwing a party with a lot of guest who really don’t care as long as the drinks are good, I would bring the Admiral to the bar by the gallon.

its alright for a cheap rum not really one i go for regularly mixed well not great straight

Most definitely beats captain. Affordable rum for mixing beverages. Thumbs up from me

This is the best bang for your buck in terms of rum. It's cheap and very tolerable.

Not sure how this is even produced. Distinct metallic taste that is evident regardless of what the mixer is. Emergency use only

It tastes, and smells exactly like vanilla extract. Most of you who've never had vanilla extract are probably thinking, "Mmm Vanilla", but no, if you've ever had vanilla extract it doesn't taste like vanilla icecream or roughly like vanilla at all, you'll completely agree with me on the taste when you first open take a whiff/taste of this alcohol. I'm pretty sure this is vanilla extract. Like 10% sure. The glimmer of hope is if you mix a SMALL amount in a lot of coke, it can pass as pungent vanilla coke. There's absolutely no "spice" in this spiced rum. Just pure vanilla extract.

If you want to get drunk on drinks where the rum doesn't matter...this is ok

For mixing into beverages this rum is perfect. Save the money on captain, go here.

Admiral is a higher rank than captain, but in the sea of rum, it's a different story. If you're throwing a party, the admiral will do fine, six drinks in and nobody will remember their own names let alone what brand of rum you picked up. But for gatherings that involve a higher class of people than your local frat house, go with Captain.

This one is my go to well rum for mixed drinks than are not rum and coke. even tho it makes a good rum and coke I prefer others over the inexpensive admiral nelson. theres better out there but this one is cheap enugh not to have on hand

Tried it straight and there is some kind of fruity taste but nothing remotely resembling spiciness. The fruity taste takes a turn to a bland sugared up syrupy mess after a few minutes. As a mixer it's not much better. Will never buy it again.

This is a half hearted spiced rum. Better than Captain Morgan, but its still not very good.

I started drinking this in the Marines when my paycheck didn't allow for Sailor Jerry. Pretty good bang for the buck, works good in a pinch, and I have had much worse!

For the price, complaining would be so wrong. A great rum to mix and drink with a few people to get drunk. Drinking it straight is unpleasant. When mixed it's hard to tell it's as cheap as it is.

Honestly, not the worst rum around. Easy to drink, hard to taste, one step below Captain, hence the name. If you have a whole bunch of people and they all want "rum and cokes" or just want to let loose, buy it.

Admiral Nelson "Spiced" Rum is a rather bland rum. Don't get me wrong. This stuff is very smooth and easy to drink. Sweet but not too sweet. It's completely unoffensive in any way. But that is the problem too. The flavor is weak. There is not much going on besides a little vanilla. It's quite easy to sip and goes great in cola. But it doesn't add much either. Heaven Hill done a much better job with their Blackheart than this. But it's super cheap and very smooth. But if Captain Morgan is overload for you give this a try. At this price you can't lose.

This is a low 7 high 6 but its price makes it unbeatable.
So whenever I see this bottle its on the bottom shelf even below Bacardi and captain so I always steered way away from it. But I honestly was pretty wrong. First I got the glass bottle because I heard plastic can alter the taste slightly. Opening it I was pleasantly surprised, it actually smells really good. No overpowering alcohol smell. Vanilla with some spice and sweetness of fruit . Looking at the color is about the same of bacardi gold. So I was expecting it to be harsh. It wasnt when sipping neat, its a pretty basic rum taste wise, it tasted like a more perfect captain morgan with better natural flavors. It actually makes a really good rum and coke, nothing bold that will knock your socks off but as a general rum and coke its really good. Hints of vanilla, sugar cane and cherry with no alcohol taste. If you are looking for a good buy this is by far it, very pleased and sorry I avoided this for such a long time!

While sweet, the overall body lacks a robustness that Morgan and Bacardi, slightly pricier cheap rums, actually have, and the finish involves a bitter aftertaste that lingers and grows, which I'm not fond of. I don't mix my rums, but I figure this would make a decent mixer for the simpler taste it has, but I largely prefer Morgan and Bacardi Oakheart straight for my spiced rums.

Admiral Nelson is a cheap bottle of spiced rum. Nothing more than a bar's well rum. Quite harsh on it's own with an alright flavor. Needs to be mixed and diluted before the flavor of the rum comes through.

Smooth taste, not to overbearing and it's cheap! Excellent with cola and for shots and without question the best budget rum on the market. They could easily charge as much for this as say a Captain Morgan or Kraken

Most will Say Nelsons brand of rums are quite cheap..and they are. But!!! Thats not a bad thing. of Admiral Nelsons brand of Rums this is the best tasting. A better mixer than it is alone. If your looking to get drunk with a few friends and dont have alot of cash but want a fairly good tasting rum. This is the one to get