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42 Ron Millonario XO ratings

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Lækker fed fylde, super duft og smag, med en god lang eftersmag.
Absolut et genkøb.

Denne rom er gennemført. Sød men ikke for sød, masser af nuancer.
Mester rom !

This rum covers a wide base of rim drinkers and those who are new to the world of rum. Just delicious and an absolute must have.

While not the thickest rum, I have tasted, the taste just lasts and lasts and....
You'll find notes of banana and roasted nuts along with vanilla.

Nå man første gang hælder denne rom op i glasset vil man bemærke de kraftige "gardiner" der er på glasset. XO er både sødere men også kraftigere i smagen end sin lillebror 15'eren.

I really like this rum, it have a very special taste real nice

+ very gente taste and nice flavor, little bit sweet, balanced taste for long time, bottle
- nothing
Rating 9 to 10 ... Recommended

This is a great rum, no doubt about it. Many different flavours and the aftertaste lasts. Maybe its just me, but I find the taste of banana too powerfull. I like it, but I think it is overpriced - therefore 8 and not 9.

απλά υπέροχο!!!!!!είναι ένα ρούμι γεμάτο αρώματα!!!σίγουρα θα ενθουσιάσει κάποιον που λατρεύει τα ρούμι

Great straight up, rounded taste smooth going down. What a pleasure!

Jusqu'ici la meilleure de ma petite collection, prix prohibitif en France donc acheté moins de 90 EUR en Allemagne. Mais un mélange d'atomes délicieux. Déjà très satisfait du millonario 15 solera donc.......

I like to add one cube of ice and let it sit for a few minutes. It cuts the sweetness and develops a nice caramel and vanilla body.

Chosen because it was N°1 in the Rum Howler listings and did not disappoint.
Smooth with a very complex taste. Sweet, but not as much as some others and with not so much body, lighter but at the same time with an intense taste.
Maybe my description is not the best.
For me well one of the greatest ever.

Den er blød og rund i smagen - og er til den søde side uden at overdrive. Det er en rigtig pleaser og kan derfor også sagtens være god til begyndere.

realy one of the best rum i taste, its an excelent one!!!

A great introduction to high end rums. Lots of taste elements (described by the reviewers below). Sweet, but not too sweet.

Everything about this rum is a 10. For me it has the right amount of sweetness, smoothness, and the flavours are well balanced. In the glass it has a wonderful aroma like fresh baked pie or cookies. It is hard to stop smelling and proceed to sip, but you will. I describe the taste profile as Bananas, coconut, toffee, spices and just a touch of almonds and apple. If this was a food it would be similar to Banoffee pie. No afterburn or sharpness, just a lovely glowing of warmth in your throat. The taste lasts and lasts. If you see this available buy 2 bottles! It's so good that this will lead to a hoarding disorder. If you are hosting a tasting, save this one for the last.

Je pense que c'est le rhum le plus "smooth" (comme on aime si bien le dire en anglais) qu'il m'est été donné de déguster. On ne sent pas l'alcool et aucune brûlure du début à la fin. C'est sans doute dû à la forte présence de sucre qui en font un rhum très gourmand sur des notes beurrées de zeste d'orange. Je comprends pourquoi il plait tant aux femmes car personnellement il est un poil trop sucré à mon goût. En tout cas à essayer absolument !

I like this. A lot.
I've rated this a nine, but it is almost a ten. It definitely has a place in every rum collection. It's almost up there with the Quorhum 30. It has an exellent nose and a powerful taste. In my opinion it lacks a tiny bit in the aftertaste. I find that the price is ok for a rum of this quality.
Would buy again.

Extraordinary rum from Peru.

This is candy for your tastebuds...

Ligesom 15'eren, bare bedre på alle punkter. Det er porno for smagsløgene

Un rhum au Pérou ? Pas n'importe lequel : mon préféré !
Découvert par hasard au détour d'une dégustation. Une complexité de saveurs incroyable ! Des épices, de la vanille, des fèves de cacao, des notes grillées, de l'amande douce, et une pointe de Zan (bonbon réglisse). Tout se mélange et s'épouse parfaitement dans une harmonie rare. Au delà du spiritueux c'est une œuvre d'art.
Je comprends les multiples récompenses.

Hold op den er lækker, sød og mere kompleks end 15'eren. Masser af karamel. Forsvinder alt for hurtigt fra flasken.

Sweet, smooth and long lasting. It is complex and awesome. This is a true premium rum. If you like them sweet. If you prefer a dry rum this may not be for you but the smoothness is very good.