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36 Ron Millonario XO ratings

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Lækker fed fylde, super duft og smag, med en god lang eftersmag.
Absolut et genkøb.

Denne rom er gennemført. Sød men ikke for sød, masser af nuancer.
Mester rom !

This rum covers a wide base of rim drinkers and those who are new to the world of rum. Just delicious and an absolute must have.

While not the thickest rum, I have tasted, the taste just lasts and lasts and....
You'll find notes of banana and roasted nuts along with vanilla.

Nå man første gang hælder denne rom op i glasset vil man bemærke de kraftige "gardiner" der er på glasset. XO er både sødere men også kraftigere i smagen end sin lillebror 15'eren.

I like to add one cube of ice and let it sit for a few minutes. It cuts the sweetness and develops a nice caramel and vanilla body.

Chosen because it was N°1 in the Rum Howler listings and did not disappoint.
Smooth with a very complex taste. Sweet, but not as much as some others and with not so much body, lighter but at the same time with an intense taste.
Maybe my description is not the best.
For me well one of the greatest ever.

Den er blød og rund i smagen - og er til den søde side uden at overdrive. Det er en rigtig pleaser og kan derfor også sagtens være god til begyndere.

realy one of the best rum i taste, its an excelent one!!!

A great introduction to high end rums. Lots of taste elements (described by the reviewers below). Sweet, but not too sweet.

Everything about this rum is a 10. For me it has the right amount of sweetness, smoothness, and the flavours are well balanced. In the glass it has a wonderful aroma like fresh baked pie or cookies. It is hard to stop smelling and proceed to sip, but you will. I describe the taste profile as Bananas, coconut, toffee, spices and just a touch of almonds and apple. If this was a food it would be similar to Banoffee pie. No afterburn or sharpness, just a lovely glowing of warmth in your throat. The taste lasts and lasts. If you see this available buy 2 bottles! It's so good that this will lead to a hoarding disorder. If you are hosting a tasting, save this one for the last.

Je pense que c'est le rhum le plus "smooth" (comme on aime si bien le dire en anglais) qu'il m'est été donné de déguster. On ne sent pas l'alcool et aucune brûlure du début à la fin. C'est sans doute dû à la forte présence de sucre qui en font un rhum très gourmand sur des notes beurrées de zeste d'orange. Je comprends pourquoi il plait tant aux femmes car personnellement il est un poil trop sucré à mon goût. En tout cas à essayer absolument !

I like this. A lot.
I've rated this a nine, but it is almost a ten. It definitely has a place in every rum collection. It's almost up there with the Quorhum 30. It has an exellent nose and a powerful taste. In my opinion it lacks a tiny bit in the aftertaste. I find that the price is ok for a rum of this quality.
Would buy again.

Extraordinary rum from Peru.

This is candy for your tastebuds...

Ligesom 15'eren, bare bedre på alle punkter. Det er porno for smagsløgene

Un rhum au Pérou ? Pas n'importe lequel : mon préféré !
Découvert par hasard au détour d'une dégustation. Une complexité de saveurs incroyable ! Des épices, de la vanille, des fèves de cacao, des notes grillées, de l'amande douce, et une pointe de Zan (bonbon réglisse). Tout se mélange et s'épouse parfaitement dans une harmonie rare. Au delà du spiritueux c'est une œuvre d'art.
Je comprends les multiples récompenses.

Hold op den er lækker, sød og mere kompleks end 15'eren. Masser af karamel. Forsvinder alt for hurtigt fra flasken.

Sweet, smooth and long lasting. It is complex and awesome. This is a true premium rum. If you like them sweet. If you prefer a dry rum this may not be for you but the smoothness is very good.

Perfectly balanced smoothness, sweetness, fullness, aroma, taste. Best of premium rum which I drinked.

Nuancerne bliver bare ved og ved. der er nye noter for hvert sip. Der er ingen overdøvende noter - det er bare helt ren og uforfalsket rom, når det er mest fantastisk.

Fantastisk fyldig rom med en dejlig lettere sød og lang eftersmag. Et must.

So smooth.. A perfect taste of brown sugar, caramel, with a perfect long taste.
An explosion of a perfectly made rum, every time I sip my glass.
This bottle you need to have in your collection. No doubt about that.
The price for the bottle is maybe a little bit to high, but I love this one so much....

Easy drinkable. Sweet but not overwhelming. Caramel and caramelised fruits. Great balance!

Typisk spansk stil, med en del sødme, men også tilpas krydret så det ender meget harmonisk og lækkert.

Enjoyed this run with friends and it didn't last long. It was a gift from a client and I really enjoyed it.

Millonario was a very good discovery for me, first with the Resera especial 15Y which was very sweet with a power full taste and second wiht the XO.

This is a rhum that is really amazing, it explodes in your mouth with a powerful taste which lasts for minutes after you have sipped it.
The alcohol burn is very mild so that you can drink it straight up without warming up your mouth with another one.

Packaging and bootle are a little cherry on the cake. The only issue is the price compared to his little brother.

A friend bought a bottle and i had the privilege to taste it. Near perfection,among the Zacapa 23yo its the best i ever tasted.Even deeper as the 15yo Millonario,its a masterpiece.The bottle looks breathtaking,the only downside is the hefty price tag

This is such a good rum, great balance complexity and flavor, really fine,I cannot stop drinking my favorite rum in this moment.

Alcohol: 40%
Origin: Peru
Aroma: Velvet fragrance, leather, forest honey, a little mint or peppermint. (88 b)
Taste: Very mellow taste wonderfully sweet, very delicate flavor. (90 b)
Points: 89/100.
Summary: Surprisingly, I'm more attracted Millonario 15 yo who is half price.

Your nose is greeted by a big sweet brown sugar and caramel scent. There are obvious relations to it's younger brother, but the XO offers more fireworks and refinement. The palate is also clearly in relation, but with more instruments playing the band. There are very pleasant notes of caramel, dried fruits, vanilla, roasted nuts, brown sugar and baked banana with a very subtle dryness in the end, evening out the big bodied sweetness a bit. Wonderfull.

Super god , blød og lækker til prisen

Der skal ikke herske tvivl om at denne rom er lækker. Rigtig lækker.
Når det er sagt, må jeg også sige at jeg havde forventet mere, både i forhold til prisen men også lillebroderen.

Jeg vil personligt hellere drikke og betale for Millonario 15.

Det gør ikke denne rom til en dårlig rom. Min tunge er bare mere til den mindre bror.

Rigtig god rom

Just got a delivery of this in and it is instantly the best rum in my collection, straight from the first sip.

People have likened it to Zacapa and it is true that it's smooth, caramelly and sweet with a hint of spice. While this is true the sweetness is a lot less over powering. The burn in the mouth and throat is warming and pleasant.

As i'm writing this i'm on my third tasting glass and really can't find fault with it at all, other than the bottle probably won't last very long.

The Ron Millonario XO might be the top rum in my collection. Paid $125 and had it shipped to Chicagoland from the UK. To my knowledge, I bought the last bottle. As good as it is, you really can't justify the price. I am a serious rum collector and the top rums (rated by yours truly) in my collection are listed below. Many are a fraction of the price and almost as good. In a blind tasting, any of them could win, including the cheapest one, the $20 a bottle five year old Plantation. No serious rum consumer would ever mix any of these rums with anything. If God drinks, he drinks these rums. If the public every knew how good these rums really are, cognac sales would fall off the map. The aged rums are simply better. There are several hundred rums in my collection, but I am only listing the best of them below. I have attempted to list them by price. I don't drink much these days, but I sniff every bottle, every day. Mortals can only dream about pairing these rums with a limited edition Augusto Reyes cigar. They have some age now and they are wonderful. They are also available in the US. One of the few as good as the real Cubans. Enjoy the journey. Aged rum is nothing less than the history of America in a glass. A cognac glass no less. Like other mass produced products, I don't like anything from Bacardi. I am also not a fan of Appleton or Mount Gay rums. If you want an excellent and low cost rum for mixing, buy the Cruzan from St Croix for $11.

Ron Millonario XO (Peru)
Ron Zacapa Solera 23 (Guatemala)
Plantation Extra Old 20th Anniversary (Barbados, but shipped to France for aging)
Vizcaya Cask No 21 (Dominican)
Zaya Gran Reserva (Trinidad)
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva (Venezuela)
Pampero Aniversario Reseva Exclusiva (Venezuela)
El Dorado 12 (Guyana)
Atlantico Private Cask (Dominican)
Plantation Grand Reserve Five Year (Barbados, but shipped to France first)

Dégusté en parallèle d'un Centenario 30, il reste légèrement en retrait. Le packaging fera la différence pour certains.
Dans le verre, le liquide est foncé avec des reflets acajou. Le rhum colle au verre et fait des jambes. Le nez est chaleureux et doux : c’est une vraie invitation à la dégustation. La bouche est ronde et opulente. Le chocolat et le caramel sont présents initialement. Puis la vanille et la cannelle s’expriment sur la longueur, avec une légère touche épicée.


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