Bacardi 1873 Ron Solera is a golden rum aged up to three years in charred oak barrels. As the name suggests, the Solera system is used to produce this rum, which mixes new batches of rum with older batches each year.

"1873" represents the year of the Virginius Affair, the name of a captured American ship that resulted in a remarkable international diplomacy for peace between the US and Spain during the Ten Years' War.

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I purchased this 1873 bottle while visiting the Bacardi plant in 1996. It was listed as a dry rum so it sat unopened for 18 years until recently. It did have a pale golden color when I purchased it. It is a pleasant rum, a bit dry and clean finish. Not my cup of tea, but at least it doesn't suck.

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Not bad for cocktails, but nothing special. Sure better than Reserva!

It should be good. You would think that for all Bacardi does in rum that this should be more.

Really good molasses flavor balanced by slight firiness.

Not a typical Bacardi offering. The flavor lends itself to coke zero, but does have a strong after taste when sipped. Overall not too bad

A drop of water lessons the alcohol burn.

Found it had too much fire for me. Using it as a mixer.

A smooth balanced rum with a clean lightly sweet finish and little burn.

Nicer smooth rum

A very good mixer. Try pairing it with Bacardi Superior to get a little more flavor into your cocktails. The Next Great Shake by Shingo Gokan is a great example.

Very good mixer

not a big fan of this one. Bland and fiery

Mid-grade sipper, probably a good mixer.

A fantastic bottle, dark and rich with molasses and vanilla.

Bacardi 1873 solera rum

A new tasting glass and an unexpected pleasure

Bacardi Ron Solera 1873 rum review By Warren Bobrow via Foodista

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