Pyrat XO Rum is produced from nine different Caribbean rums that are blended and then aged up to 15 years in used American sweet oak barrels.

The squat Pyrat XO rum bottle shape is inspired by the typical design of rum bottles kept by pirates and ship captains in the 19th century.

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The Pyrat is kind of an intricate treat to enjoy. I opened the bottle, poured it in the tumbler and smelled it. What the....!? What's this tang? Is this alcohol fuel? Nonetheless I sipped it. Ohhhhh dear! How did the cleanser wind up in this awesome rum bottle!? So I left the tumbler alone, read the reviews and couldn't stop wondering about the extremely dissenting opinions. Some say it's god's gift to man, others say they wouldn't feed this dog's piss to their worst enemy.

I'm careful with 1 pointers as there's always the possibility of stumbling across the liquid spawn of hell, but I dead sure was ready to dish out my first 2 point review. On the other hand the very good reviews intrigued me enough to give it time and to let it breathe.

After 30 minutes: 2 out of 10. Very sharp smell, very one-dimensional taste.
After 1 hour: What's this? Is there actual taste under the layer of kerosene? We are getting somewhere: 5/10.
After 2 hours: BAMM! There it is! Cinnamon, vanilla, sherry and of course the dominant flavour of orange. The smell is godly, as is the taste that follows. Rich, mellow, well balanced. I could taste all the flavours I smelled before. This rum is really excellent, as long as you give it time to breath and evolve from terrible to bearable to impeccable. I sipped it as seen on the picture. Straight up, no ice, handwarm. For the price the Pyrat XO is a steal.


So many people like this one , so i have buyed it.
But i never had a disgusting like this one.
smell : Alcohol , synthetic Orange ,cleanser
No joke , my wife has a Cleanser - it´s the same smell as the Pyrat XO.
Sorry , I hate it.

very smooth with a hint or vanilla and orange I like it better with diet coke

Very very good taste, almost buttery on the tongue, but has a little bit of a bite to it. If it was a little smoother this could be my favorite.

Edit: After drinking this for awhile now it has become my favorite sipping rum. It has just such a good flavor and no after taste.

The Gentleman Stumbler blog has a really funny review of this rum. It's so ubiquitous I bought a bottle just to see for myself, and sorta regret it. Probably best with cola, but I don't drink cola, except maybe organic cola from Trader Joe's! But I appreciate the Hoti mystique, and the flash website is really cool.

Smagen er sprittet med alt alt for meget appelsin. Eftersmagen er kedelig og kun appelsin.

I'll admit, I bought it based on the bottle shape. I was intrigued, and thought it was worth a try. (It's an expensive gamble though, in case you hate it.)

I enjoyed it as a sipping rum, although the flavors could be very overwhelming. It went down smooth, and it was sweet, but the vanilla and orange were definitely present.

If nothing else, the smoothness made it easier to drink, and I would get it again.

This is my family's rum of choice for rum and cokes on pizza nights. Makes a great dark and stormy. Enough rum taste to shine through most mixes--good taste and smooth enough as a sipper or for a warmer upper during camping trips.

The factory have never exist There were never made Rum on this little cayman before, but it is a good (promotion) story.
A little tast of the famos uneatable orange peel from Curacau. Some dont understand it and therefore dont like it. I Doo

If you tend a bit towards the sweeter side, but reject things like Zaya or Ron Zacapa, Pyrat XO is for you. It's sweet, but only a bit. What's more striking are the strong vanilla and somewhat less intense orange flavors. Both make for an enjoyable sipping rum.

Great caramel color, zesty orange flavor, let it breathe for about 15 minutes and add to apple juice over ice. Sit back, relax and enjoy... repeat as necessary!

Vanilla and orange is quite overpowering, not what I expected at all, better mixed with fruit juice than a sipping rum


Are you sure that it is a rum ?!? ... seems blended with Grand Marnier. Too much orange flavour. Advised just if you like the "pirate bottle"


For me this is absolutely awfull.
Not well balanced at all. Too much orange and fake sugar for me.
This is pretty much syrup with Orange in my opinion. If you like A.H Riise you will probably enjoy this, but its not for me.

The orange taste is to predominant and artificial in my opinion, I was expecting much more from this one.

I wonder if they add orange flavoring to this rum. I still like it though and I must say they have the best bottle in the market. It is relatively inexpensive and a good value.

discovered this on Anguilla in 2006 when I also developed a taste for ti punch and real daiquiri... (not those sickly sweetened frozen concoctions that ought to be served from a Mr. Softee!) once back in the states I discovered it could be found at warehouse store for just under $30! wow, this is a fine versatile rum, good enough to sip on the rock but mostly used in honest cocktails. yes, there's some orange flavor but nowhere as cloying as a flavored rum, just a dominant overtone. but that works for me. a damn nice rum for good all around drinking. (no way is this a 6. my 8 is intentionally a bit high just to move the average up a bit closer to the 7.5 I think it should be.)

I liked this rum added a drop of water. Taste hony, orange a good sipping rum

This is a good rum to start with. I love the taste and finish of this rum, over ice and sipped.

Le pire rhum vieux que j'ai jamais eu l'occasion de goûter, non pas qu'il soit agressif ou qu'il brûle la langue mais son "fumet" m'a clairement rebuté. Un nez évoquant le fumier plus que désagréable, je ne pensais pas que l'on puisse élaborer liqueur si imbuvable.
J'aurais bien deux mots à dire au maître de chais.

This one is really nice and has some orange taste! Is really good on the rocks.

I'm a fan of Pyrat XO. I am looker forward to adding a bottle of the more expensive Cash 1623 to my collection. So many rums, so little time... and money. Pyrat XO is a great everyday sipper. It is not too expensive and is usually on the shelf at the PA stores.

Not wanting to use my Zacapa for mixing or experiments, I found the Pyrat XO a cheaper alternative with a lot of the same taste notes and positive connotations. I have kept a bottle at home since I found the rum, and enjoy its effects on my cocktail experiments.

Aroma with a touch of oranges. Love the bottle. Sweeter taste. One of my favourite rums in this price range.

Nikdo, kdo to nevyzkouší, neví, jak krásné chvilky se dají zažít s rumem na křesle a prohlížení starých fotografií.

Denne rom skuffer faktisk lidt af en XO at være. den er en del sprittet og smager mest af appelsin, så det bliver ikke en af mine favoritter.

Well first pyrat is not 15 year rum. Its a blend that is made partly of 15 year rum but the majority of it its 5 year. If you been in this game a while that shouldnt be of any surprise judging its color and price (25$ for 15 year rum? Yeah right!). Its got a great look to it. I bought this bottle when I was very young (and underage shhh) and just came to the states so my bottles number is like 12,000. Anyway The product screams orange, orange ribbon orange tinted rum, orange label orange,orange, orange. Popping the cork off and smelling it you get a blast of... ORANGES to the point it smells like an orange liqueur, some very faint cask smell in there. In the glass it smells almost like orange flavored bubble gum with some alcohol hint in the back. Drinking it straight isn't too bad its smooth on entry then has a harsh exit. The thing about drinking it straight its flavor of orange is so powerful it overloads your taste buds and senses. Which is why I would avoid drinking this straight. I know there is such thing as a bold rum (like pussers) but this way oversteps it's visit to obnoxious. In diet coke its actually really good. You get the oak cask, orange flavor + vanilla and sweetness of the sugar cane. I would say its very good for mixing but for rum its so so.

This is about my fourth favorite rum. Good clean but better with1 rock for each two ounces.

The reviews in here says it all. Make your own mind on this one

The initial flavor is very rough. Hits you like a scorn woman's slap across your face. And as others have pointed out, the orange flavoring is overwhelming. Luckily I purchased a mini bottle for about 12 bucks. And I would agree that it does mellow with time, but who's got 2 hours to plan out a glass of rum? So they get a little credit for presentation and a taste that can improve with time. Bottom line: there are many better options.

Taking the leap from beer geek to Rum nerd, and starting with the Pyrat XO after hearing about it at Da Conch Shack in Turks & Caicos. This rum hits me with bright fruit flavors. It's smooth and didn't leave any alcohol "burn". A nice starter sipping rum.


What is this supposed to be? It burns, smells like alcohol and the orange flavor is dreadful

i took a chance on this rum as the store we were at in Florida had a sale on! $11 for a small bottle. I only drank this with Cola, but really enjoyed the subtle spices and vanilla overtones. A lot more expensive in Canada, but one I still go back to. Will have to try "on the rocks" the next time I buy a bottle!

Taste to most of orange, to synthetic, to sweet.
Not my cop of the!

So many people talk about this rum that I had to taste it. Tried it by one of my friends, but I felt disappointed. I really like the packaging but the liquor does not fit my taste. Immediately switched my glass for a good old Diplomatic ;-)

Je viens de l'acheter pour me faire mon propre avis et je ne fais pas parti des partisans de ce rhum épicés. Gout de zeste d'orange, surfait pour moi.

This is a rum that needs to sit and let some volatile fumes escape and let the drink mellow before sipping it. The tastes are sublime but if you chug a shot from the bottle you'd never get to find out.

Did I mention it's flavored with Orange? I purchased a bottle at Total Wine, on the suggestion of a forum member that I trust. While I should have known to do a bit of reading on it first, I simply purchased it. Well, it's the rum version of Cointreau or Grand Marnier liqueur. In my opinion, Pyrat XO is not rum, it's a rum-liqueur. I read the reviews only after purchasing it.

I gave it a 6 rating, not because it's a poor product, it's not. But because it did not mention orange anywhere on the bottle, even though it has an orange ribbon, orange lettering and orange tag. Had I wanted an orange flavored rum, I would have looked for one.

With that in mind, it's very pleasant to sip. It's smooth, flavorful and has a nice little bite to it. As I now see in other reviews, it does need some time in the glass to mellow a touch. Otherwise it has a bit of an
artificial orange-chemical taste at first. This is not a rum to drink straight from the bottle!

Would I purchase it again? Probably not. I prefer a smooth sipping rum (which this is), that actually tastes like rum (which this does not) . However, I have not experimented with it in mixed drinks. So, it might be ideal for certain mixed drinks, but that's not my thing. I like my rum straight up in a whiskey glass.

The bottle would handle a rough sea without tipping, I really liked it. But the rum was too rough for me. As others have said, let it rest about 10 minutes. A little sweet but mostly vanilla and citrus.

This is a love hate rum. I don't get the cleanser remarks. I do get that it has a very strong orange taste to it that no other rum has and you may not like that. It also has hints of vanilla. It's a light rum and particularly refreshing in the summer months when mixed with a little club soda. I find I can drink this one fast versus sipping. It's not as complex as the sippers but it's refreshing, unique and I always seem to want another. Some here don't like it. If you think it tastes like cleanser feel free to send me the rest of your bottle!

Pretty highly rated on a lot of sites, but I just consider it medium-average.

Too much orange...this can be done better.

A rum without love.

Meget dårligt er der skrevet og sagt om denne rom, så jeg måtte da se om der var noget om det. Bevares appelsinen kan man ikke slippe af med. Men den adskiller sig fra alle andre rom, hvilket jeg mener er go' ting.

Good, but not special. I wonder if it had been better before they were bought out by Patron. I heard it was, but may never have the chance to find out.

Very good taste, Orange and vanilla .More liqueur than Rum but i like it.

I was disappointed over this rum that I have heard som much about. I also read among others that the taste used to be better in the paste.

un parfum d'orange rappelant le grand marnier
pas le meilleur des rhum pour une dégustation, mais s'accorde très bien avec un gâteau au chocolat, ou un morceau de chocolat.

... wird auch diesen Rum lieben. Wer nichts mit dieser Frucht anfangen kann, sollte dir Finger davon lassen.

I was surprised to run across this being offered at the "Red Frog Rum Bar" while poolside on a recent Carnival Cruise. What's a rum sot to do? Drink it of course! I was a little surprised by the lightness of this rum. It had a nice easy orange finish with just a tad of anise on the back end. Good Stuff and definitely worth picking up if you're looking for something a little different.

nice pirate´s bottle, strong perfume aroma, more citrus liqueur than rum.
Only expected smoother taste.

I bought it for a rum tasting with my friends. My expectations were very high due to its premium packaging, XO promise and the fact it's a part of the Patron Spirits noble portfolio. Well, the rum is a big disappointment, at best. I wouldn't give it more than 5 points. I gave it 7 overall, for nice packaging. It makes a perfect gift for somebody you won't be drinking with.


This tasted like orange liquor. If you appreciate sipping rum then don't waste your time with this. Far better things to try.

Mixed with cola mkes this drinkable

its very sweet close to a Grand Marnier but for around $ 27
I bought a bottle and it is already half empty, so try it and see for yourself.

If you sip it right away a bit harsh. I read Chris from Austria's review and let it breathe in glass for 2 hours. Orange, vanilla smell is wonderful. I smell it at least 3 times before sips. Light Orange and vanilla flavor when sipping, very smooth start with a smokey finish with a slight burn which some people do not like but i enjoy. I am a beginner rum drinker and have some rum jumbie which is sweet and over powering, i can mix it with pyrat and the sweetness is lessened, interesting mix. If you want to lighten up the rum mix with one ice cube and some ginger beer and you will be grinning.

If you like it sweet then this is a good rum for you in my opinion. Pure or with coke.

Der Pyrat stammt von einem der besten Tequila Herstellern, Patron und der hat doch schon ganz gut gezeigt wasan an Aromen in so einen Rum stecken kann.
Die Flasche hat einen hohen Wiedererkennungswert und passt sehr gut zum Inhalt. Der Korken und die Etikette. Wirken ebenfalls aufwendig.

Im Glas und auch schon beim öffnen der Flasche verströmen angenehme Noten von Vanille und Orange. Im Grunde über wiegt hier der Duft von Zitrusfrüchten was nicht jedem gefällt.

Im Mund hat der Xo einen kurzen Spritzigen Antritt wird dann aber wieder von den Früchten und der Vanille oder auch butterscotch eingeholt.

I'm beginning to doubt my own tastes after reading some of the other reviews, but in this price range, Pyrat is right up there with Pusser's Navy Rum and others in the 8 ratings. Hint of sweetness with good taste and just a bit of lush viscosity. A family fave and a staple in our cabinets.

This rum has a strong flavor similar to the Cognac taste found in Gran Marnier. I didn't like it mixed with coke or anything else and struggled to finish using the bottle, so I gave it away. There are much nicer tasting rums for mixing. The bottle looks nice on the shelf, but you can get a cheaper vase at IKEA.

Cool Bottle, but the rum was so so. Hints of fruits and flowers, the rum isn't flavorful enough to drink on the rocks or straight up, but goes well with cola.

I was nicely surprised by this (Okay, I confess, I originally bought this bottle because I thought it was cute...) intriguing little rum.
At around $50 a bottle it's not exactly "drown in coke" rum, but it's not in the Appleton Estate's Master Blenders territory either, and that's around the $80 mark.
It does though, have a singularity that puts it in a class by itself; It can only be described as something halfway between that syrupy orange/tangerine taste of Grand Marnier and the sharp alcoholic mandarin orange taste of Cointreau.
Add to that a dash of vanilla and, voila, a uniquely different, immensely pleasurable sipping rum.

I had such found memories of this rum back in 1998-2001. However I finally got my hands on a bottle for Christmas this year (2014) and I was disappointed. The rum has changed, much less smooth than I remember. It is still sippable, but I would almost want to throw some ice in.
Still a nice rum.

A decent rum. A little over priced in my neck of the woods.


I try to keep this around as my drinking rum it what I have when I am just wanting a drink or three. Nice Amber color with a smooth finish. Hints of Orange and spice

If i want an orange liquor, i would not buy a bottle of rum.
If i want a vanilla liquor, i would not buy a bottle of rum.

So why should i buy these?

One star for nice bottle with its lanyard and the tag.

We all know that Pyrat marketing has been phenomenal, but does the rum live up to the renown? That depends.

Many people depend on this rum to be one of their only stocked rums - and what a shame that would be.

This is a niche rum. Part Bacardi, part Grand Marnier, with an odd rush of overwhelming orange nearly rendering the underlying complexity imperceptible, or worse, irrelevant.

Because of its uniqueness and compatibility with citrus juices, stock it in a deep collection for its wonderful oddness - but certainly don't make this a mainstay until you've stocked Flor de Cana and younger Angosturas for cocktails.

i got a deal on this rum and gave it a try. Not bad but I mostly use it for mixed drinks, not straight up. Decent nose but nothing special.

Does havr a strong orange flavor, not unpleasent, finishes with some heat and altogether a nice experience.

Pleasant and smooth but with definite orange flavor.

Its very good but honestly, if I am going to spend the money, I would rather spend the extra five and get a bottle of Cruzan Single Barrel. I am hoping try the Pyrat Cask 1623 someday.

Pyrat rum does bite. I find it very rough. Citrus taste and strong..I'll pass...

Très chouette rhum pour pas cher et assez différents.

Une odeur et un goût d'agrume avec un retour typique de rhum.

Limite proche d'un grand Marnier avec le caractère caramel d'un rhum classique.

Déroutant mais sympa, maintenant faut pas être gêner par ce côté zeste...

Assez grande déception pour ce rhum qui a clairement un goût d'orange synthétiques (rappelle les médicaments à l'orange).

This is a smooth and unusual rum for me, the citrus flavor overwhelmed everything, very different to the rum flavors I go for. Would not be surprised if someone gave this to me blind and said it was a orange derived liqueur. The packaging is neat but I probably won't be restocking this till Xmas!

Also sweetened, but way more badly than Zacapa 23 solera. Bottle is told to be hand made.

Wow that's a lot of orange! Underneath there is a good rum, but it's covered by the dominating citrus. If you use it as a liqueur/mixer, it is pretty good though.

always enjoy this one and can usually find a good sale on it. Bottle was perfect for my pirate Halloween costume.

Sehr fruchtiger Rum. Sehr lecker und mild. Demara Rum... Hoti der Schutzpatron der Barkeeper ;-)

Too much oranges. It looks not natural. I didn't like it. For girls.

is this the best rum i have ever had? the answer is no. but for the price ($23.00) its the best rum out there i would drink this over captain morgan or sailor jerry any day of the week. its very smooth with notes of orange, vanilla and some smoke to finish it off .

het ruikt naar de shampoo van mij vrouw maar smaakt naar meer

Pyrat XO is een complexe blend van geselecteerde Caribische rums die tot 15 jaar hebben gerijpt in Franse Limousine en zoete Amerikaanse eikenhouten vaten.

Kleur: amber
Geur: zwaar en zoet met hints van marsepijn en vanille
Smaak: bitter-zoet, enigzins fruitig, zeer vol en zwaar
Afdronk: zeer lang

Pyrat XO Reserve is een prachtige Rum, uitermate geschikt is om puur van te genieten.

If you enjoy sweet, cloyish grand marnier cough medicines you will like this, as for me, not so much...tried it in a rumgita and it was ok, but no way could I force it down neat, warm or with ice, best part was the budda belly medallion with the god of drink around the bottle's neck.

unlike the others, i dont mind the orange and all the shades of the taste there, its rather different from what i have had. Juicy and fruity, its somewhat weird to say when comes to alcohol, at the begining it had strong taste but then fruity flavours appeared and kept it till the end. I would call it sweet. Also strange/unique combination is with coke, not exactly i could directly describe, still eligible for drink shots too.

odeur d'orange agréable, première bouche gout d'alcool un peu violent pour ensuite laisser place à la douceur et à un gout fin d'orange et d'agrume mais pas chimique de type grand marnier. pour le prix il ne faut pas sen priver.

Simple, not to exciting just simple everyday rum. Binny's for 19.99

Lite rom for pengene. Gir ingen annen opplevelse enn at den smaker appelsin. Fin flaske men ellers ikke noe å hoppe i taket for

a great find. This rum does not disappoint great flavours that make it something to share.

Really good and nice rum. Smooth and gentle. I love it.

Hate to disappoint, but as a cognac drinker the last thing I expect after opening a bottle is a strong punch of acetone in my nose. I truly hope that I bought a dud. The initial stink is simply horrid!

herkomst: Guyana
abv: 40% (zeer zacht)
presentatie: prachtige 70cl. fles met versiersels.
aroma: eikenhout, citrus fruit, aarde.
smaak: zoet, karamel, vanille, eikenhout, sinaasappel, aarde.
nasmaak: van zoet naar droog, citrus, karamel. Houd lang aan.

Al met al een volgens mij prima ,maar aparte, rum. Aanrader om eens te proberen.


I know people say it's "sweet" but for me it's very smooth and I enjoy it either straight up or with coke.

A good sipping rum not so good in the kitchen it works with creps

i like this rum neat and chilled, it reminds me of Grand Marnier and Cointreau cordials. To me this is a light bodied rum with mild flavoring and a smooth after taste not to be paired with a cigar.

Pyrat is mostly disappointing. Incredibly fruity and acidic. Not great over the rocks, undrinkable straight and very expensive as a mixer. I won't buy it again

In smell.a.lot of common with A.H. Riise,but the taste and afterburn is not so delicate and has not so mild and smooth feeling. Overall great sipping/mix rum.

This rum has a burn that is just shy of Captain Morgan. It is not overly sweet and works well as a mixer at a 50/50 ratio. It makes an acceptable gift.

I was expecting the Pyrat XO to be pretty bad after reading most of the reviews. I thought it was a decent sipper, lighter in color then what I usually have. Enjoyable for me.


not really my first choice as it almost tastes like orange liquor. My wife loves it though!

Terrible rum, just terrible.
Yes you can drink it. Yes it does not taste awfull. But this is nothing like something you would expect of a "rum". I tastes like a fake orange. The smell is also extremly awkward!

Very tasty with a lovely and clear taste of orange. Goes well both straight up and in fruit drinks.

I agree with many others: it has an orange flavor to it and my fist sip reminded me of Grand Marnier but with an underlying rum flavor, although I've not tasted Grand Marnier in years It's a smooth sipper and I like it. The orange was not overpowering for my taste. Would consider using it as a variation instead of other orange liquers in cocktails.

If I wanted an orange liqueur I would have bought a bottle of Cointreau. As rum goes, this is masquerading as something it isn't. It's not rum as I would recognise it, so get's a rating of 1. As a spirit, it isn't that bad, it just that I can't consider a rum to taste of oranges.

Ty pomeranče v chuti - připomíná spíš nějaký likér, není to můj šálek čaje (s rumem).

Aroma: Oranges mixes with dense aromas of leather and earthiness.
Taste: The taste is beautifully polished, extremely fine (not to be confused with faint), dominated by orange nectar, vanilla, cinnamon. The softness and incredible smoothness in taste is startling.
Summary: I recognize that this is a very original rum that probably anything else ever again, but I am personally not impressed with his character.
I think it would be very pleased as a gift rather gentler halves or our mothers and grandmothers. It's worth a try.
Points: 83/100

Bottle : The bottle is quite nice.. It´s a cool touch with the ribbon tied to it and it has a nice shape.

Nose : The scent it pretty descent.. But there is a hint of orange already in the scent.
Taste : The taste is pretty full, but there is a strong tone of orange in it.. That kill´s it for me..
Finish : Same here.. If it wasn´t for the the awful orange tone it would have been ok.

If you like Zacapa 23 you will love this one..

Had a great experience with this rum, in a rum bar, and it became my first sipping rum.
I must confess that I have outgrown it, and just keep it for the really cool bottle - but i will give it at good 6 (1 is for the bottle).
It really smells and tastes of orange, witch i think is distinctive.

En dejlig rom som kan nydes med et par isterninger. Dejlig frisk med noter af citrus.

Trés interessant à decouvrir. Une belle rondeur et une approche aromatique toute en agrume.

Un rhum différent a conseiller tout particulièrement aux fans de Grand Marnier.

very tasty. very smooth. but does have an strong alcohol tast at first

Rhum avec un gout très prononcé d'agrumes. A gouter mais il peut être déconcertant !

My expectations were high for this rum but I was surprised by the taste reminiscent of triple sec or orange liquor. Too much of it to my opinion. It is good, but it lacks the sugary flavor of cane. Nevertheless, I'm happy to have it in m'y collection shelf.

It's almost like southern comfort not very complex and not as smooth as other rums in the same price bracket. I like the bottle but wouldn't go rushing out to add it to my collection

When I want a change up this is it,Right here this it.
This is top shelf for personal or your Family.

Had this a while ago, but it should be mixed with cola or other mixes as I found it to be fairly rough around the edges, so-to-speak.

It has a caramel finish and is smooth but has multiple odd things about it. Including the caramel finish

Tastes like it is perfect for pirates to keep away scurvy. Little harsh but I have always had a bottle on hand since 8 years ago. Can be used as a good mixer if you want to add a little orangey rum flavor.

Interesting taste heavily influenced by strong flavors of orange. I found it was more like a liqueur and not so much of a great rum. I'm sure you could find a fancy drink it would stand out in as an ingredient but avoid for a rum and coke or a traditional glass of rum on ice - you'll be disappointed.

Tried it neat. Good sipping rum. Enjoyable complexity, with a fair amount of sweetness.

Exceptionally smooth! Great finish. This rum is best drunk straight!

Sip it straight up! Great finish. Pyrat is a great rum to add to your collection. When drank straight up it has a smooth pleasurable taste. Light sweet warm spice flavor, great aroma and a very unique bottle. I highly recommend this my favorite rum.

Be cool,

“Mon amie laissez le bon temps rouler!”

Un Grand Marnier avec un petit gout de rhum...
Pourquoi pas le déguster comme un Schrubb, avec des glaçons

Que ce soit à l'odeur ou au gout, j'ai l'impression de boire du grand marnier.
Ce rhum sent beaucoup trop fort l'orange. A essayer peut être en mix, mais pur ça ne passe pas !

Strong taste with a touch of orange. I didn't care for it with coke, but by itself and on the rocks wasn't too bad at all.

Pyrat is a tasty rum, much lighter in both color and body than I normally go for. The flavor has a spicy orange note I quite like, and wouldn't mind in mixed in with Coke or soda water. The aroma, on the other hand, reminded me of paint thinner. However, once you get past the door the rum itself is quite nice...

Not a bad sipping rum with an expected complexity. I keep this one on my top shelf.


Good taste a lot of orange and citrus. Long after taste

Pale caramel color, great nose. Says it's up to 15 yes old but doesn't taste that aged.

Taste as a Grand mariner liqour

Honey and orange flavour. Subtil et licoreux. Its taste is like no other

Like no other nice light almost orange color. Pleasant citrus scent. Unique flavors hints of citrus very smooth.


This is one of my favorites. They serve this on Royal Caribbean cruise. It was nice peachy taste and stands up from rest.

This fruity rum is quite drinkable. Probably with sugar, probably full of marketing but the presentation is top notch, the taste bears caramel, vanilla, fruit, citrus... I like it.

To much orange taste! It's too unilateral. The old version Planters Gold XO (picture) was much better his taste more complex. Perhaps they've lost their Masterblender while the Anguilla Rum Company was bought by the Patrón Spirits Company.


You either love it or hate it. It doesn't have a hint of orange its an orange rum! Personally I like the difference

strong aromas and flavours of orange and very smooth. A great alternative rum when you don't want the heavier flavours of the darker rums.

Good to start with when discovering the world of rums, it´s smooth and fruity, or rather orangey, and in the middle range to me.

Very special rum. An interesting smokey orange flavour, but with a slightly strange aftertaste. Not my cup of tea.

Too sweet , to much orange ! But i recon the Ladies Would like it !

God rom

A decent rum but with far too heavy orange notes to my tastes.

It's just fluid orange on 40%
This is not a rum for me. The lack of other things in the taste, makes it a never to own rum.

I have to say this rum receives nowhere near the credit it demands. This rum comes at you with multiple flavors first vanilla, then a nice long citrus ride in the middle, and then a lightly wooded cinnamon finish. I enjoyed this rum neat one shot at a time, but let it breath after opening. Overall excellent, I drank a whole one last night and awoke early the next morning feeling 100% no hangover! This is what I would expect from the makers of patron!

I find this rum to be lighter tasting than most rums. Smooth and interesting enough to warrant buying again, but a bit too expensive for regular purchase. I recommend this one for non-rum people buying a rum for mixed drinks that aren't cola based, as the "rum" flavor isn't overly pronounced. Great bottle and packaging, nice to see companies put the effort into packaging without going over the top (ahem, vodka manufacturers).

Pyrat is a good not great rum. It has an interesting flavor. I've experienced it best with cola. It is not a good value.

This is a good rum. I like the hints of orange and the smoothness. Its a very good choice for mixers, and I love the bottle.

To me the orange taste in this rum makes it like a different liquor all together. I like it but be prepared for a very different rum.

Good smooth taste

This is a good rum for people who don't drink rums, it is tasty with no off flavors for the rookies, but it is too sweet and orange-y for the more discriminating palate.

Hyggelig rom med kraftige orange toner!

Pyrat is a quite drinkable rum but probably best mixed. Can be sipped if cut with water and a lime twist. I don't find the Orange flavor that many speak of. At 19.99 a jug it deserves a 7 and will be in my stock for mixing and the desperation sipper !

Very smooth but with a twist for a finish.

Orange dominiert in Geruch und Geschmack. Leichte hölzerne Note ist wahrnehmbar.
Süß, Likörartig und mild im Abgang.
Sicherlich gibt es bessere aber er hat was.

This is an orange rum through and through - like drinking sweet orange marmalade. While this is fun one has to wonder how they arrived at this when the taste is so close to orange liqueur. Neither a clear age nor contents are stated on the label. The most likely explanation is added orange flavoring.

I tried it as a sipping rum and it tasted more like "aguardiente" than rum. Horrible burn. I actually asked the store to trade it out for me. First time in 40 years I have asked to return liquor. I did not try it as a mixer.

Everything is in the title :)
It's not relly a typical rum. It smell orange (or close fruits) it tast orange (with alcool) not too much but enought to have oly that tast (nothing more).

If you want a sugar cane or old cask tast rum, you are wrong with this one but it's really interesting as unique rum style.

Ce rhum est très fruité, il déroutera donc les amateurs de rhums vieux traditionnels. L'abricot rôti est très présent dès le nez.

I have hesitated for some time to write this review. Initially, I was put off by the overly orange-liqueur nose and early palette of this rum (Pyrat XO is aged partly in barrels used for orange liqueur). But it has grown on me, and I've developed an appreciation for a certain complexity of flavors around that orange foundation. However, the XO does make a big flavor statement, and it's gotta be your taste to enjoy it. Try before you buy.

I find the orange notes to be a little to artificial for my taste

It is hard to explain this rum. People either love it, or hate it. I love it in mixed drinks, but would pass straight up. A little pricey. Overall unique to say the least.

Others have noted the orange flavor ruining the rum for them. I just see it as good flavor that's best used with other fruit flavors. Maybe not the best sipper, but the rich, aged flavor makes it a great mixer.

Others have noted the orange flavor ruining the rum for them. I just see it as good flavor that's best used with other fruit flavors. Maybe not the best sipper, but the rich, aged flavor makes it a great mixer.

Orange flavor is unique but a little too strong for my taste buds, more like a southern comfort style spirit. drinks more like a flavored rum. Best drank with OJ and a splash of grenadine with a lime.

I enjoy this rum as I do many...not a standout for me, though

I felt this one was a bit too fake orange tasting for me. That's not to say it didn't mix well with coke, but not good enough to drink straight.


Yes it does come off with an orange taste, but I still like to sip this with ice or even just some frozen soap stones rocks. My friends have come over and tried it and it's changed their minds about Rums.

Not a bad rum but nowhere as smooth as others. I like it best mixed with tonic and a lime. Good flavor similar to Mount Gay Eclipse but with a bit more orange taste to it. On the rocks it has a bit of a burn but is tolerable. Definitely not in the same league as Plantation Barbados 5 Rum.

I hate to be insulting, because truthfully if it makes you happy, who am I to say it's bad. But to me, the false additive flavors of every Pyrat product insults the beauty and good name of Rum.

Love this rum, definitely my favorite everyday drinker. Lover the sweetness, floral and smooth taste. The spice and orange undertones taste amazing as well. Who wouldn't love this interesting flavor?

this is a nice rum to soak the raisins to make a apple Pie

Only gave this a 6 because the flavor has changed over the years. I used to love this stuff when my bottle with only 5 digits starting with a 5 in the batch number was still around. But now all the higher 7 plus digit batch numbers have a strong orange flavor I'm not liking as much. Its a shame too because I think this will chase people away from a nice rum.

Not what I look for in a sipping rum, but wont turn it down.

I am not a big fan of the pyrat's but they do have there place

Le goût d'orange n'est pas désagréable. Intéressant même...

Everything you hear about this rum is true, unfortunately. A rich, deep flavoured, beautifully presented, orange liqueur. Definitely not a rum though.

Very sweet, lot of orange --> liqueur ?

Rich taste. Nice rum.

Love orange

I drink this on the rocks, with some tropical juices and sometimes just neat with a splash of water.

Not undrinkable orange rum liqueur, but the lingering artificial aftertaste puts me off. For a similar rum that is miles better try Clement Creole Shrubb.

A bit coarse

Artificial flavor?
Not sure, but too sweet for my taste.
My wife likes it.

really enjoyed this rum, very fruity

Popular in the bar but I cant get past the heavy orange flavours. Not for me.

love it


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