Pyrat  xo rum

Pyrat XO Rum is produced from nine different Caribbean rums that are blended and then aged up to 15 years in used American sweet oak barrels.

The squat Pyrat XO rum bottle shape is inspired by the typical design of rum bottles kept by pirates and ship captains in the 19th century.

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The Pyrat is kind of an intricate treat to enjoy. I opened the bottle, poured it in the tumbler and smelled it. What the....!? What's this tang? Is this alcohol fuel? Nonetheless I sipped it. Ohhhhh dear! How did the cleanser wind up in this awesome rum bottle!? So I left the tumbler alone, read the reviews and couldn't stop wondering about the extremely dissenting opinions. Some say it's god's gift to man, others say they wouldn't feed this dog's piss to their worst enemy.

I'm careful with 1 pointers as there's always the possibility of stumbling across the liquid spawn of hell, but I dead sure was ready to dish out my first 2 point review. On the other hand the very good reviews intrigued me enough to give it time and to let it breathe.

After 30 minutes: 2 out of 10. Very sharp smell, very one-dimensional taste.
After 1 hour: What's this? Is there actual taste under the layer of kerosene? We are getting somewhere: 5/10.
After 2 hours: BAMM! There it is! Cinnamon, vanilla, sherry and of course the dominant flavour of orange. The smell is godly, as is the taste that follows. Rich, mellow, well balanced. I could taste all the flavours I smelled before. This rum is really excellent, as long as you give it time to breath and evolve from terrible to bearable to impeccable. I sipped it as seen on the picture. Straight up, no ice, handwarm. For the price the Pyrat XO is a steal.

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very smooth with a hint or vanilla and orange I like it better with diet coke

So many people like this one , so i have buyed it.
But i never had a disgusting like this one.
smell : Alcohol , synthetic Orange ,cleanser
No joke , my wife has a Cleanser - it´s the same smell as the Pyrat XO.
Sorry , I hate it.

Very very good taste, almost buttery on the tongue, but has a little bit of a bite to it. If it was a little smoother this could be my favorite.

Edit: After drinking this for awhile now it has become my favorite sipping rum. It has just such a good flavor and no after taste.

This is my family's rum of choice for rum and cokes on pizza nights. Makes a great dark and stormy. Enough rum taste to shine through most mixes--good taste and smooth enough as a sipper or for a warmer upper during camping trips.

If you tend a bit towards the sweeter side, but reject things like Zaya or Ron Zacapa, Pyrat XO is for you. It's sweet, but only a bit. What's more striking are the strong vanilla and somewhat less intense orange flavors. Both make for an enjoyable sipping rum.

I wonder if they add orange flavoring to this rum. I still like it though and I must say they have the best bottle in the market. It is relatively inexpensive and a good value.

discovered this on Anguilla in 2006 when I also developed a taste for ti punch and real daiquiri... (not those sickly sweetened frozen concoctions that ought to be served from a Mr. Softee!) once back in the states I discovered it could be found at warehouse store for just under $30! wow, this is a fine versatile rum, good enough to sip on the rock but mostly used in honest cocktails. yes, there's some orange flavor but nowhere as cloying as a flavored rum, just a dominant overtone. but that works for me. a damn nice rum for good all around drinking. (no way is this a 6. my 8 is intentionally a bit high just to move the average up a bit closer to the 7.5 I think it should be.)

I liked this rum added a drop of water. Taste hony, orange a good sipping rum

This is a good rum to start with. I love the taste and finish of this rum, over ice and sipped.

This one is really nice and has some orange taste! Is really good on the rocks.

The Gentleman Stumbler blog has a really funny review of this rum. It's so ubiquitous I bought a bottle just to see for myself, and sorta regret it. Probably best with cola, but I don't drink cola, except maybe organic cola from Trader Joe's! But I appreciate the Hoti mystique, and the flash website is really cool.

Not wanting to use my Zacapa for mixing or experiments, I found the Pyrat XO a cheaper alternative with a lot of the same taste notes and positive connotations. I have kept a bottle at home since I found the rum, and enjoy its effects on my cocktail experiments.

Not of my liking. For me it is just an awful spicy orange rum. Not very well balanced.

Pyrat Rum XO is een heerlijke donkere rum met een prachtig, uitgebalanceerd smakenpalet die zowel verfijnd als complex is. Bij Pyrat is kwaliteit niet een keuze maar is het de standaard, elke fles van dit prachtige product word met de hand gevuld en met de hand gelabeld bij de brouwerij in Anguilla.

De rum is zijdezacht en drinkt heerlijk weg en wordt omringd door zalige aroma’s van vanille, kaneel en bruine suiker. Complex en elegant tegelijk, een aanrader voor elke rumdrinker!

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En god anderledes rom, med en smag og duft af appelsin. Kan kan godt lide at den er anderledes og helt sin egen.

Meget dårligt er der skrevet og sagt om denne rom, så jeg måtte da se om der var noget om det. Bevares appelsinen kan man ikke slippe af med. Men den adskiller sig fra alle andre rom, hvilket jeg mener er go' ting.

Smagen er sprittet med alt alt for meget appelsin. Eftersmagen er kedelig og kun appelsin.

I'll admit, I bought it based on the bottle shape. I was intrigued, and thought it was worth a try. (It's an expensive gamble though, in case you hate it.)

I enjoyed it as a sipping rum, although the flavors could be very overwhelming. It went down smooth, and it was sweet, but the vanilla and orange were definitely present.

If nothing else, the smoothness made it easier to drink, and I would get it again.

The factory have never exist There were never made Rum on this little cayman before, but it is a good (promotion) story.
A little tast of the famos uneatable orange peel from Curacau. Some dont understand it and therefore dont like it. I Doo

Great caramel color, zesty orange flavor, let it breathe for about 15 minutes and add to apple juice over ice. Sit back, relax and enjoy... repeat as necessary!

Vanilla and orange is quite overpowering, not what I expected at all, better mixed with fruit juice than a sipping rum

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Are you sure that it is a rum ?!? ... seems blended with Grand Marnier. Too much orange flavour. Advised just if you like the "pirate bottle"

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For me this is absolutely awfull.
Not well balanced at all. Too much orange and fake sugar for me.
This is pretty much syrup with Orange in my opinion. If you like A.H Riise you will probably enjoy this, but its not for me.