Appleton estate 12 year rum

Appleton Estate 12-Year Rum is a blend of several rums aged between 12 and 18 years in American oak barrels after being distilled using small-batch copper pot stills.

The rum is produced on the Appleton Estate, which sits in the Nassau Valley in Jamaica. The estate’s origins date back as far as 1655 when the English overthrew the Spanish to rule the island and Frances Dickinson, grandfather of the distillery’s founders, received the land as a reward for his role in the overthrow.

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The Appleton Estate 12 year is actually a blend from casks with rum between 12 and 30 years of age. Many producers would jump right at the chance to call it a 30-year rum, but not Appleton Estate.

I expected the complexity in flavors of a typical "12-year" rum, but got much more. As the rum first rolls over the taste buds, a rather strong flavor of oak and a bit of smoke dominates the senses. In this, whiskey lovers should feel right at home. A brown sugar flavor is also apparent, but even though this is a strong part of the rums nose, the sweetness in the taste is only in the middle-lower end of rums.

Behind the strong, slightly bitter and charred oak flavor, are several other interesting flavors. Most apparent is the spicy orange peel with a vanilla twist. Before the rum leaves the taste buds, I also sense some lighter but quite complex notes akin to nuts, coconut and various citrus fruits.

To get the full flavor experience I recommend letting it breathe in the glass for at least 5 minutes before drinking. And when drinking it, doing so in small sips so as not to overwhelm your taste buds with its stronger flavors.

On the other hand, because of the orange peel and vanilla flavors, I think this rum would also excel in a variety of mixed drinks where these flavors complement.

All in all a rum which is very competitive in its price range and with more complexity to offer than one might expect when reading the label.

For this price,its one of the best Rums. A good introduction to jamaican-style flavours, a little bite at the end,but amazing fruits in the nose, a little mango,banana mixed with coffee and toffee finish.Surprisingly long in the throat. A good buy

Appleton comes in a clear, waisted bottle with a screw cap. It is dark red to brown and has a pleasant sweet smell of vanilla, wood and some fruit. While it is not as sweet as other rums, it has some sweetness on the tongue. It tastes spicy, wood and toffee flavours, as well as ripe fruits and hints of fresh fruity flavours. However, I would prefer it with a less harsh alcohol taste and more sweetness. It finally leaves a nice and warm aftertaste.

Appleton Estate 12 is good enough to sip, but primarily enjoyable to those who like some harshness in their rums. It's got a bit of complexity, some spice, no sweetness, and a strong alcohol finish.

After going thought some nice but overly sweet rum (Zacapa, Zaya, Diplomatico) the Appleton 12 year was a pleasant return back to basics.

Citrus, molasses and a little bit of oak. Not overly sweet. Little bit of warmth of the back end but not harsh is any way. My favourite part of this rum is the long aftertaste.

This rum is my new everyday sipper.

We had this rum in Jamaica on a cruise. Appleton is great and people are going to hate this but I love mixing this particular rum with coke.

I like this rum, especially for the low price of only $36.99 (Beltramos 2015)!

It's harsher than the Appleton 21, but not too far behind on taste. Probably a bit strong for beginners at 43% abv. Notes of oak, almond, vanilla, molasses, and nutmeg. Nice smell, and good aftertaste too!

Read some interesting things about this rum and in some case I just don't get it. The amber colored rum has a subtle aroma in the bottle but very little sweetness on taste...actually some bitter in it that registers on the tongue right before an acrid burn. Kinda kicks you in the back of the throat. Definitely not for novices. Not a good sipping rum IMHO but one to use in mixed drinks to give it a "kick". Surprisingly works pretty fairly well with Coke Zero but I would recommend others before this. A bit of a disappointment after reading all the hype.

I was surprised how god this is looping at the price range it is in.
At the first sip it seems very strong but that fades away in the mouth.
This rum has a very nice and long aftertaste in the mouth and troath with notes of oak,caramel,banana and a lot of other notes.
After a couple of sips you find out how smooth this rum actualy is when you roll it around in your mouth.
It's very well blended and it's almost it each sip reveals more notes in this rum.

Sweet aroma, hints of vanilla and licquorice. Smooth on tongue, spicy in finish, overally bit sweet for me but it's acutally nicely ballanced. Good!

I think more for tasting neat, than mixing, though mixes extraordinarily well. The regular Appleton is good, yet a working man's version of the 12 year, which is a compliment to both.

I've heard some good things about appleton estate and for me it was a good taste but a bit on the strong side. I like my rum to be smooth with some hints of vanilla and this one doesn't have that. It's good to put in coke to get a rum bite at the end.

Not as nice as expected, lots of contradictions. The more I drink it, the less I like it. The smell ist interesting but not really nice, the taste too is intereseting but far to strong alcohol taste. Can't believe it is a 12yo. Would not buy it again for sure

J'aime les rum plus sucré mais comme ce Appleton ne se cache pas derriere du sucre pour nous éblouir, on goûte le rum sans artifices ajouté , c'est toutefois plus difficile à apprécier sec comparativement à un Diplomatico exclusiva reserva par exemple!
J'aimerais bien goûter au 21 ans et au 30 ans...le 50 ans j'y rêve mais hors de prix!

Though this style is not to everyone's liking due to the level of funk inherent in Jamaicans, if you do like it this is a must-own. Best choice in Mai-tais.

Also as many note it is a very dry rum - this is because it has NO ADDED SUGAR unlike most of the high rated rums, such as Zacapa and the El Dorados. This is what pure unadulterated rum tastes like.

Edit : to address a recent review - this is a Jamaican rum, not an agricole. And giving it a low rating because it "was a mispurchase" and is too strong for your taste is just wrong, use a little common sense and don't rate it at all.

I think this is one of my favourite 'entry level' rums. Probs pick this up for about 15 quid n wont find much better in the same price bracket. Would happily sip a shot from the fridge but at the same time wouldnt feel bad about making a cuba libre with it aswell ;-)

Trošku ostřejší chuť ,ale velmi dobrý a kvalitní rum

While I had a hard time discerning a difference between the normal reserve and the 8yr this to my recollection was definitely a cut above. Seemed very well-balanced and personally would not waste it in coke. Looking forward to trying others for sure in the same price range.

A very good rum for sipping on the rocks. It has just the right amount of burn and has a sort of "woody" taste. Very good overall, but not my favorite.

Se observa desde su color ámbar obscuro que tiene añejamiento, pierde el sabor etílico de los Appleton jóvenes. Ideal para mezclar con cola.

I have tried this rum on numerous occasions when my other choices were not available. I will drink this although it is not really smooth. It is a good rum but not in top tier.

After trying almost all that is readily available I've settled on this one for an affordable sipper. Being obsessed with Appleton, I knew I'd like it. Smooth, flavourful, rich with a lingering aftertaste. The citrus and caramel is like liquid candy. Mmmmmm

I have little to add to Svante Jorgenson's pointedly accurate notes. The oak is prominent and might offput a newer rum drinker if that drinking experience is mostly sweet rums; not here. Reminds me of the Abuelo 12 without that spirit's burnt sweetness. Really nice leather and tobacco notes. It's dry. A splash of spring/filtered water opens it up and lessens the wood; at 43% you've a bit of room to experiment with water. Nice texture but toward the lighter side of medium body. I never run out of it.

This Rum is special, for 12 years is not too sweet and have lot of complexity, is easy to taste the molasses and time spend into this wood barrel Not overly sweet.

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